Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf

Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf title image - Apron Strings other things The scarf is a mainstay in every girl’s wardrobe these days and a two-sided scarf makes that wardrobe stretch, giving it so many more possibilities! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to customize your scarves to fit your outfits exactly the way you’d like them to? Well, you can! And it’s easy! All it takes is a little fabric, a few minutes, and 2 straight seams. Let me show you:

How to Make an Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf

What you’ll need:

  • 2 different fabrics, approx. 10 inches x 2 yards long (width and length can vary, depending on the size and look you want for your finished product)
  • ruler
  • rotary cutter and mat or sharp scissors
  • sewing machine (or sewing needle if hand sewing) with coordinating thread
  • iron


  • Step 1Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf fabric - Apron Strings other thingsChoose your fabric! Our daughter came home from her time in Africa with some yardage of batiks and African prints. This project was the perfect excuse to dig into my stash and put some to good use! I’m very visual, so laying it out on the floor side-by-side helped me see what colors and patterns might compliment or coordinate nicely together.  I may wear the scarf with only one side or the other showing, but I just might be in the mood to live on the edge, twist things up and let both sides show!  Another important thing to keep in mind is the weight of the fabric. Having two heavier fabrics that do not bend and twist easily will make for a bulky scarf.  I opted for the two lighter-weight fabrics in the top center of the above photo.
  • Step 2Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf measure cut - Apron Strings other thingsCut first piece of fabric to desired width. Mine was 9 1/2 inches, which would make a scarf 9 inches wide using 1/4 inch seams. You can make the length and width any size you’d like, just be sure to add 1/4 to 5/8 inch to the width to allow for the seam allowance. Set this aside and cut the second piece of fabric to the same dimensions. My rotary cutter and mat made this step quick and easy, but a pair of scissors would work just fine.
  • Step 3Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf seams - Apron Strings other thingsStack the two fabric strips, right sides together. Using a straight stitch (sewing machine or by hand) on one of the longest sides, begin sewing at about 3 inches down from the top edge. Sew a seam all the way down, stopping about 3 inches from the end.  Repeat on the other long side, leaving the two short edges open and unstitched, creating a tube.
  • Step 4Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf turning fabric - Apron Strings other things Now you need to turn your fabric tube right-side-out. I pushed my hand between the layers and scrunched all the excess down over my wrist, allowing my fingers to wiggle out the top (if you are making a narrower scarf, you can use a wooden spoon or crochet hook or back scratcher or whatever!) After testing out my padded-super-hero-fist-bumps on my 11 year old son, I grabbed hold of the top edge of my scarf tube and pulled it in on itself, flipping right side out and pulling wrong side in. 
  • Step 5Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf iron - Apron Strings other thingsNow iron. This is important, especially if you want the different fabrics to stay on the side in which they were intended.  Straighten the seams as best as possible and then iron on the hottest setting your fabric will allow.
  • Step 6Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf make fringe - Apron Strings other thingsNow for the finishing touches. For a fringed edge, mark a line (or lay a straight edge) 3 (or 4, or 5, etc) inches up from the bottom edge. Cut 1/2 inch strips all the way across, cutting through both layers of fabric. You might find it helpful to use a piece of chalk or a pencil to mark the lines and then cut with scissors. I’m a bit of a free spirit and tend to wing it with these projects!  You could also tuck the raw edge in and sew a seam close along the ends for a more tailored look, or cut it at an angle. Get creative!
  • Step 7 – Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf knotting fringe - Apron Strings other thingsKnot each loose strip to limit the fraying and to define the fringe. Some fabrics may not need the knots. It’s your call. The fringe could be longer for a little different look.  And that’s it! You’re done!
  • Step 8Easy to Sew Two-Sided Scarf title - Apron Strings other thingsAnd now, the hardest step of all – which side to wear first!?! My littlest assistant helped me out by trying it every which way, but we only scratched the surface of possibilities.

 Easy, right?  Ready to show your style and whip up your own? Your friends and family will be amazed! They’ll want to know where you shop! Sorry, folks, this is a one of a kind. But now you can show them how to get their own easy to sew two-sided scarf!

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Coming Soon….

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It’ll be wave after wave of killer inspiration, no fish-bones about it!

And be sure to stop back here on Friday to see my next scarf tutorial!

Stay scarfy,



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  1. Nice job. I love the fabric. Was that a local store find?

  2. Oh, to use different fabrics on each side is great! Depending on how you’re wearing it, it changes it look – awesome!

    Love, Elena

  3. My daughters and I wear scarves a lot… and I have made a few in the past, but I really like the cut and tie idea you used… I haven’t done that, but I suspect we will. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

    • this was a fun and easy project with amazing results, I hope you do give it a try:) so glad you stopped by to have a peek today!

  4. I recognized that fabric right away as African batik! I had the honor of getting to teach in Tanzania one summer, and my only regret is that I didn’t bring back more fabric. What a great use for it with this dynamic-duo of a scarf! And of course, that smile on your littlest model says it all – – this is a FANTASTIC accessory for any gal of any age. Sooooo glad you were a part of Scarf Week 2015, Linda. It was bigger, better, and scarfy-er because of you! Off to pin….

    • Beautiful fabric, isn’t it? My girls and I are grateful you drew me into these scarf projects, because now we have new accessories to share, and ideas for more to make! I’m looking forward to Scarf Week 2016 – maybe I’ll even get all 5 projects off the ground next year (wouldn’t THAT be amazing?!) love and hugs to you, girl!

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