10 Things That Need a Label

As a Mom of Many,  labels come in pretty handy. Countless times I’ve written children’s names or initials onto make-shift labels made of scrap paper, masking tape, address labels, sales stickers, you name it. I’ve marked many tags and toys with a permanent marker in order to keep track of what belongs to whom. It’s a big job to keep up with all the stuff around here!

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Some of the things that need labeling around here are:

  1. Water Bottles – no matter how many different colors, shapes or sizes, it seems no one can remember who’s is who’s.
  2. BackPacks – You know, those ‘catch-alls’ for toting books and papers and things that are supposed to be hanging on the hook and not on the floor to be trampled under foot.
  3. School Bins – Though they are lined up in order, oldest to youngest, it’s a tall order to find your own when it’s time for a math lesson!
  4. Shoes and Boots – Really? He thought that big foot of his would fit into that boot belonging to his little sister?
  5. Toy Buckets – makes clean up so much easier, for Mom as well as the children!
  6. Notebooks and folders – there are stacks and stacks of these in our home, but there are not enough colors for every child, every subject, every project.
  7. Hair Brushes – who’s brilliant idea was it to get the girls matching hair brushes? Little Sis thinks this on is hers. Nope! says Bigger Sis, she is sure it belongs to her! How do they know? They look identical to me (the brushes, not the sisters)!
  8. Suitcases & Gym Bags – fumbling in the dark, in the back of the camper, trying not to draw attention or wake anyone up, all those duffle bags and suitcases look exactly the same.
  9. Jackets – Who left this jacket on the chair? Ummm, probably the guy who’s name is on the tag?
  10. Crayon Boxes – no lie! they each got a box for Christmas and it put an end to the “you have mine! nuh-uh this one’s mine!”

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My job as Chief Labeler has become much easier with Mabels Labels. They help me stay sane! Their labels out-shine others I’ve tried. They are durable, stay where I put them, and cute!  Their products include Allergy Alert Labels, Household Labels, Store & Scan Labels (genius for getting your storage room organized! wish I had an iphone). We’ve been using the basic name labels all this school year and they have held up wonderfully. Next I’m going to invest in the Write Away Labels that are compatible with any permanent marker, dishwasher safe, self-laminating, and easy to peel-and-stick. Happy Labeling! Do tell me, what do you label at your house?

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  1. This look great. I label all sorts of things. In addition to your list, folders for my business come to mind. And the grand-kids toothbrushes. I wonder if these would stay stuck to them? Since they get wet?

    • Yes, business folders are a great idea, Amanda. I’m needing to re-do our household files. And yes! these labels are waterproof! You can get them with their names already printed or you can get the write-on type. I label label label everthing – including grandkids toothbrushes!

  2. What a great idea for a post! I LOVE LABELS TOO! Thanks for linking up to Good Tips Tuesday!

    • Labels just make life roll along so much more smoothly, don’t they? thanks for hosting Good Tips Tuesday, and thank you for stopping by for a visit. Blessings!

  3. I love labels too!! and organizing ofcourse..though it is a challenge with little kids at home.

    Stopping by from Hope in Every Season Blog hop.

    God bless,
    Khit Mandeville

    • oh, yes, Khit, keeping things organized is challenging with little ones around. That makes labeling all the more important! So glad you stopped by, have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I label things, too. Usually it’s just with a sharpie. Since we have several children close in age some of their clothes is labeled. I use dots for labeling clothes and hope that we can remember who has one or two dots.

    • Hi Suanna! I have sharpies stashed all over the house so I’m always prepared. And I have used the dot system too! one dot for older child, and then add-a-dot as it gets passed down. so 1st son – 1 dot, 2nd son – 2 dots, and so on. I am so glad you stopped by today. Have a wonderful weekend, blessings to you and your family!

  5. Those Mabels Labels are so cute, aren’t they? I’m tempted to get some to do some fancy labeling at my house. Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday!

  6. I love labels! My husband bought me a label maker a few years ago and I went a little crazy labeling stuff for a while. But Mabel’s Labels are MUCH cuter. I’ve been eyeing them and thinking they might become part of our back-to-school supplies this year. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

    • love love love labels! the make life so much easier, and when they are cute and durable? who could as for anything more! So glad you stopped by today, Stephanie. Enjoy your day!


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