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We have places to go, people to meet, events to experience and our family accomplishes all this with audio dramas such as Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions. The past several weeks this historical novel, dramatized by a fabulously talented cast, has been playing as my children settle down for bed or work on projects. We often listen to audio dramas in the car, but they were so excited when this CD set arrived my kids whisked it away and began listening right away and it never made it to the vehicle!

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Our family has been enjoying novels written by G.A. Henty for many years now but only recently discovered these amazing adventure stories in this audio form. Each novel (and audio adventure) is set with the backdrop of a real life historical event and the people who may have been at the center of it. The author weaves together historical facts and fictional characters in a way that makes you feel as though you were really there when it all happened.

Heirloom Audio Productions takes these well-loved novels and brings them to life with the talents of award winning actors and voice-over artists, not to mention the amazing, high-quality musical soundtrack that helps set the mood. Wulf the SaxonI asked my children to summarize the story of Wulf the Saxon for you and give you their opinions. Although we listen as a family, they are the experts, having listened multiple times in several different situations.

In the year 1065, a teen-aged boy named Wulf, is promoted from being a page to a thane for Duke Harold who becomes King of England. His job is to serve and protect, even in times of war.

After an unfortunate shipwreck, Wulf and his companions are stranded in Normandy where they are captured by the Normans. Later, after escaping, they go to war with Normandy and Wales.

And then there’s William the Conqueror who comes in and takes over. King Harold is killed in battle and England has a new king.

In all of this, the young man Wulf has to find his place in the world. He must face adversity and make difficult choices that show his true character. He falls in love and wins the heart of the woman who will become his wife.

The adventure was fun to listen to, exciting and suspenseful. The acting was amazing and the music is awesome! Brian Blessed (of Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear) does an amazing job as the voice of the narrator, G.A. Henty (a.k.a. Mr. George.) We could listen to his voice all day long.

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Wulf the Saxon, and other audio adventures we’ve listened to, open the door for further study. This adventure has taken us across the ocean to Saxony, Normandy and Wales. We’ve been researching to find out how these places are connected to England and France. King Harold, Kind Edward, The Battle of Hastings – these are all names in history that make more sense to us because of the way we’ve been drawn into the story of a boy who ‘lived’ during those times. My own grandfather was born in Great Britain and was named Harold. Now I see why his parents may have chosen that name for him. Heirloom Audio Adventure Club

We continue to enjoy our growing library of Heirloom Audio Productions. You may enjoy others I have reviewed as well: In the Reign of Terror and Captain Bayley’s Heir. If you love adventure of this sort, you may be interested in their Live the Adventure Club where you’ll be able to receive exclusive resources, a community of fellow-adventure-listeners, helpful tools for further study and more.



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