This Week’s Menu 2.22.16

Weekly Menu Plan 2.22.16 at

While I do plan my main meals a month at a time, I take time on Sunday evenings to fine-tune my weekly menu. There are always changes and tweaks to make, depending on how the previous week(s) have rolled. February was full of Valentine dinners and on-the-go meals and flexible switcharoo-type meals, which makes the last week of the month more challenging. Let’s stay positive, shall we? I’m stepping up to the challenge of putting together what I have in the pantry, cupboards and freezer!


  • Breakfast – Poached Eggs (thanks to a friend who keeps me stocked with eggs from her free-range chickens)
    Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup (using my own delicious chicken broth from the freezer)
  • Snack – Gorp (aka – Trail Mix, nuts & dried fruits, crackers & dry cereal combo left in the cabinet)
    Supper – Steak Fajitas (so thankful for a freezer stocked with organic beef we purchase from friends)


  • Breakfast – Waffles (always have a supply of flour when I buy wheat berries in bulk)
    Lunch – Homemade Pretzels (yep, more fresh ground flour – which will also be used for bread-baking today)
  • Snack – Apples w/ honey-peanut butter dip (hoping our supply of fruit holds out!)
    Supper – Baked Ziti (pantry is over-flowing with pasta this month, thanks to a terrific sale at a local store the first of the month)


  • Breakfast – Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Toast (with my yummy Strawberry Jam over the weekend by my 14yo daughter – I {heart} teenagers!)
    Lunch – Tuna Cakes (it’s what we make when there’s no salmon in the pantry)
  • Snack – Cookies (snickerdoodle dough in freezer)
    Supper – Chef Salads (using up any fresh veggies/cheese/meat in frig)


  • Breakfast – Granola with Homemade Yogurt (having a supply of fresh, raw milk from a nearby family makes me sooooo happy!)
    Lunch – Sandwiches (hopefully bread was baked earlier this week)
  • Snack – Veggies & Dip (using up any vegetables left in frig before shopping day tomorrow)
    Supper – Date Night!  KOTO (Kids on Their Own – we’ll see what they come up with this week!)


  • Breakfast – Western Omelets (no cheese left, but onions & peppers we usually have on hand)
    Lunch – Leftovers (mm-hmmm,  Mom is shopping to re-stock cabinets and the family is left to themselves!)
  • Snack – Chips & Salsa
    Supper – Pizza Night (if Mom remembers to bring home the pepperoni and mozzarella)


  • Breakfast – Muffins, Bacon
    Lunch – leftover pizza
  • Snack – Fruits & Veggies
    Supper – Black Beans with Tortilla Chips n’ Fixin’s (because Mom is cooking today!)

What’s on the menu at your house this week? A new month is only a week away and I’m getting a new menu plan ready, what do you recommend?

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