Tracking High School Elective Credit Hours

Tracking High School Elective Credit Hours at

There is no getting around the fact that homeschooling through high school involves record keeping. This used to really scare me. I have a love/hate relationship with record keeping. I love seeing the evidence of all the we’ve accomplished when we add up the little tally marks and credits. But I hate squeezing everything into neat little boxes. Our children’s schooling often comes about in bit and pieces over a period of time rather than in in large chunks during a focused amount of time. So, how do I keep track?

One way a parent can track credit hours for those outside-the-box learning experiences is a simple system using index cards. I am sharing more about this over at Year Round Homeschooling during their month-long high school series. I hope you’ll pop over to read all about how I use index cards to track the courses that do not fit neatly into a textbook or check box. Whether you are in the trenches midst of educating a high schooler or plan to be there one day, you’ll find plenty of encouragement and a few ideas to help with your own record keeping ( and everything related to homeschooling high school.)

How to Track High School Electives Credits using Index Cards at

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  1. Thanks so much. Heading over to the link now to read about your system.

    • You are very welcome, Lori ๐Ÿ™‚ The high school series at Year Round Homeschooling will be going on all month long so I know you’ll find some helpful ideas.

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