The Hidden Art of Homemaking – Chapter 7

Flower Arranging

  Flower Arranging 1

This week in The Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Study we are looking at the art of flowers, arrangements, centerpieces, creative ways to bring them into your home, your life.

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I confess, at first I was a little put off, thinking Mrs. Schaeffer was expecting each of us to take a full-fledged course in the art and science of flower arranging. It wasn’t long before I realized I had misjudged her. She actually shared many ideas about displaying and arranging, as well as the impact a bit of beauty might have on your family, your neighbor, yourself.

 stop and smell the daisies

I adore flowers. (Daisies are my personal favorite) Flowers are a sure-fire way to bring a smile to my face, even tears to my eyes, and win me over for life. As I type up this post,  little bouquets presented in chubby fists come to mind —  a fist full of golden dandelions surrounded by wild violets from the edge of our yard,  dainty bluebells and charming dutchman’s breeches collected on a nature walk, newly blooming irises from the front garden. They are happily tucked into small juice glasses I grab from the kitchen cupboard.

 Fistful of Flowers

A little sprig from the garden, an elaborate spray from the florist, an inexpensive bouquet from the grocery store, even a greenery from the yard adds a touch of beauty and freshness to your surroundings. Taking just a moment, adding that special touch can transform your living space and give it a ‘finishing touch’.

 May Apple Blossom

For many years I was in the habit of picking up a bunch of flowers when I did my grocery shopping. It was a small extravagance, but one I felt was worth it. Trying to stay within my monthly budget, I’ve let that little luxury go, and now I’m thinking I should pick up that habit once again. It makes me, my table, my home have that extra special feeling. It’s time I picked that habit up again!

 Growing up, I remember stopping on the way to my Grandparents’ house to buy a bouquet of flowers – a hostess gift, a sign of appreciation for their hospitality. My Grandmother lovingly took each stem, placed it ‘just so’ in a crystal vase for the dinner table. I thought it was just the most elegant thing, the way she arranged them. Flower Arranging 2

It’s about relationship, about communication. Taking the time and energy, putting thought and care into arranging items for others to enjoy tells them they are important, special. That is really what it’s all about. We automatically think of doing this for special occasions, big events. But what about our weeknight family meal? Or snack time with the kids? Our simple meals would so  much more delicious with some special arrangements placed in the midst, just because.

Autumn nature finds

We’ve been talking flowers here, but it doesn’t have to be flowers. What about a collection of seashells, or a grouping of candles, or twigs and moss collected from a walk around the yard. A bowl of fresh fruit or a basket of vegetables, maybe. Let the children help by arranging a few special toys, or stacking some blocks to spell out a message. Mrs. Schaeffer gives many ideas to spark your imagination and creativity. She says,

I believe strongly that the suppressing of hidden artistic talents or appreciation has the effect of warping us as personalities. So I feel that this beautifying of meal tables and trays with hidden artistic  and original ideas is a very simple area indeed in which to start fullilling one’s own needs, through the freedom of expression, and adding another dimension to the day.

So, let’s get started! Take a moment and look around, add a touch of beauty, a little arrangement to make our homes welcoming, alive, special.

This post is part of the ongoing book study at Ordo Amoris where each week several ladies are sharing their thoughts as they read through the chapters of The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. {You can purchase a copy of this wonderful book for yourself HERE which is my affiliate link.}

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  1. I was just thinking this morning that I should get some flowers, as I haven’t had any recently. Well, now that I think about it I do have dandelions and other weeds gracing my table almost every time my kids come in from playing outside. My mom’s favorite flower is the daisy as well.

    • Dandelions and weeds will do! I hope you’ll pick yourself up a bouquet next time you are out shopping. Just because 🙂 So nice to hear from you, Suanna. I’m glad you stopped by!

  2. Beautifully put! I love getting flowers also and arranging them for others. There’s something so special to me about being able to capture, display and enjoy some of nature’s beauty in my home or someone else’s. Flowers and other bits of nature are so simple yet so lovely!

    • Thank you, Beth. Flowers and bits of nature bring our surroundings to life, revive and refresh us. I’m so glad you share that gift with others. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Simply lovely. You have got me thinking…. thank you for sharing!

  4. I love daisies too! This time of year it is great to pick wildflowers. My dil went out the day before her wedding in June and picked tons and tons of beautiful wildflowers. I often like to buy flowers but the bouquets seem to look more and more fake lately. It is hard to find just the right bouquet at the grocery store.

    • Wildflowers are the perfect wedding bouquet, in my opinion. How beautiful the wedding must have been!
      I’ve also noticed that bright, neon, unnatural colors have been popular in the grocery store bouquets. Not my style. My Aldi store often has daisy-mum bouquets for inexpensive that I enjoy picking up.
      This has been a fun chapter. Looking forward to everyone’s ideas next week!

  5. I love “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” Book..I didn’t know it had a study also! Awesome! Your flower arrangement is just beautiful. My husband doesn’t like to have flowers on the table when we eat..because he says the smell overwhelms the food BUT he does like them…so I just have to remove them before we eat. 🙂 LOL
    Thank you for the lovely post

    • Hello Shari Lynne! I’m glad you stopped by! I am not following a formal study guide, just reading along with a group of ladies, and commenting each week on the chapter we’ve read. (You can see what others are sharing if you click on the Ordo Amoris link at the end of my post.) They have been a wonderful encouragement to me.
      I understand how your husband feels. Our sense of smell is so strong, I’m sure he feels as though he were eating the flowers! I get the same feeling with scented candles. In this chapter Edith Schaeffer challenged us to think ‘outside the box’ and take time to make our surroundings special as a gift to those we love. That’s the whole message of her book, really – communicating that we care. I’m sure you find special ways to do that – like removing the flowers BEFORE the meal!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post,
      Blessings to you.

  6. Enjoyed so many of your thoughts on this chapter, but especially this…
    It’s about relationship, about communication.
    Yes. That is what all of homemaking is about.

    • I agree, Cheryl. Relationship, communication really is what homemaking is all about. That is definitely the message of this book. Have a blessed weekend!

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