Gathering February Moments

It's time to Gather February Moments. A look back on our days - remembering, cherishing, learning, growing - special days of pretend play with my youngest as her little bears set up housekeeping. It has been a long winter, but getting down on the floor and playing with the children makes the days … [Read more...]

My Favorite Slippers

I have never been happier to have a good supply of my favorite Mary Jane Slippers than I have this winter. We have had some cold cold weather and keeping my tootsies warm goes a long way in keeping my whole body warm. Once Autumn weather brings us a break from the summer heat my hands get busy with … [Read more...]

Gathering January Moments

We are well into the new year and have now passed through the first month of that new year and so I decided to begin a new tradition here at Apron Strings & other things.  I have accepted the invitation Cheryl from Thinking About Home put out for us join her in Gathering Moments. I'll be taking … [Read more...]

Snow Ice Cream

There's no ice cream like Snow Ice Cream! We have been getting our fair share of Winter Weather in our neck of the woods. Snow came blowing in over night and though the temperature was only in the single digits, my youngest 3 children ventured out into that White Wonderland. The found themselves … [Read more...]

Post-Holiday DeCluttering

Last week I told you about my goal to declutter, clean up, get back on track. And today is the day I am to report back to you, my readers, with a progress report. What have I accomplished this week? Did I tell you I was going to tackle the Master Bedroom first? Well, if not, that was my original … [Read more...]