Easy Birthday Centerpiece & Hearts for Home Blog Hop

It's birthday season at our house - over the course of 6 weeks we have 9 birthdays in our immediate family. Keeping up takes a lot of energy, a bit of planning and a creative use of our resources. This easy centerpiece, for example. It is a quick DIY project even the kids can do, using items you … [Read more...]

Green Pancakes for St Patrick’s Day

It is March 17th, St. Patrick's Day and that means Green Pancakes! It's Tradition. Even though I am not sure there is even a drop of Irish blood in them, my kids are all about green today. And it starts right from the time they open their eyes. They show up at the breakfast table wearing green (who … [Read more...]

A New Spring Apron and Our All Things Spring Link Up

The time has come to retire a favorite apron. It was a gift from a dear friend, it is older than 4 of my children. It is showing stains and wear and tear from many, many meals and messes. The stains will no longer bleach out and the fabric has grown so thin it's tearing and fraying. I'm looking … [Read more...]

All Things Valentines Round Up

I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my favorite people in the whole wide world - my husband, my children and my grandchildren. I am a blessed woman, indeed! We'll be going to a Valentine party our homeschool group is having, then we'll come home and enjoy one another all the rest of the day. I … [Read more...]

A Valentine Tutu

There seems to be a lot of pink and red fluff floating around these days, and because every little princess and ballerina and granddaughter needs a special tutu for Valentine's Day, I got busy and created one for the little princess and granddaughters I love so much. This tutu is an {almost} … [Read more...]