Learning from Christian Heroes – Corrie ten Boom

Recently I mentioned to some friends I would like to find stories about missionaries and other Christian heros we could read out loud as a family. Well, what do you know, soon after I found out members of the Homeschool Review Crew were going to be given the opportunity to receive and review a book … [Read more...]

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course {A Review}

Typing, keyboarding, word processing, whatever you want to call it, our kids will need to know how to type. This hi-tech age of keyboard input is going to be around for a while and infiltrates just about every avenue of life. That's why I was happy to get the chance to use and review The Typing … [Read more...]

Captain Absolutely Review

  In our home, I'm often outnumbered when it comes to favorite choices of entertainment. The majority of those living in my household get all hyped up over superheros, evil villains, quirky sidekicks. I'm not one of them, but when the opportunity to read and review a copy of Captain … [Read more...]

Homeschool Rescue Offers Help and Hope to Homeschool Moms {A Review}

Anyone out there feeling overwhelmed at times in their role as homeschooling mom? Would you like to sit down talk it out with a fellow homeschool mom? Yeah, me too. Our school year has been kind of crazy. After making our big move to New England, getting used to living in small quarters, a home in … [Read more...]

High School Essay Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing {A Review}

When tackling a new project it is helpful to have a plan and all the tools and supplies you need. That's exactly what we found in High School Essay Intensive  from Institute for Excellence in Writing. Because teaching writing is one of those things that intimidate homeschooling parents, I was happy … [Read more...]