Parenting Adult Children in the Chaos of Life – a guest post

Today I have a special guest writing for you! This past year our son-in-law Stephen has launched his life coaching business and he agreed to share with my readers some encouragement for parents who have children on the brink of adulthood. My husband and I are are abundantly blessed and it's exciting … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Frugal Sewing

My friend Danielle is both creative and frugal, two qualities that are near and dear to my heart. She's also very talented and finds ways to do it all while staying within a budget. I asked her to share some of her best tips for saving money on sewing projects and supplies. I love her advice and I … [Read more...]

I.R.L. The Family Vehicle is a Mess But My Junk Drawer is Neat and Orderly

As I'm discussing my In Real Life experiences and observations this month, I have also had the opportunity to share a glimpse of my real life junk drawer over at A Slob Comes Clean this week. I am a natural 'messy' and I still have a lot to learn when it comes to homemaking, but one little area I've … [Read more...]

A Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe – Cheesy Potatoes and Sausage

You are raising a family, chauferring your children here and there, keeping house and maybe even educating your children at home. Crazy, but with everything going on, everyone still wants to eat! Gotta get the meal on the table too. What you need are tools in your life that streamline your days and … [Read more...]

Once a Week Hairstyles #6

This is the last post in this series. I did ways to put your hair up this time. For this first one I used a flexi clip. You can also use a claw, I don't really like them, but you can use them.   Another way is to do a crossover braid.   Or a regular bun. I … [Read more...]