Everyone has an Apron Story

Every apron has a story to share, a tale to tell. Aprons are a part of the fabric of our lives and the story-threads that woven together there need to be shared. This is one reason I wanted to share this series with you this month. It's more than wearing an apron, more than choosing just the right … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Apron – a poem for you

I remember standing on a stool, up on tiptoe in  my black mary janes, a wet dishtowel in one hand, a dripping saucer in the other. Helping Grandma in the tiny kitchen after our holiday meal made me feel so grown up. The way she wrapped her apron, once, twice, then tying it snuggly under my arms so … [Read more...]

All Things Valentines Round Up

I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my favorite people in the whole wide world - my husband, my children and my grandchildren. I am a blessed woman, indeed! We'll be going to a Valentine party our homeschool group is having, then we'll come home and enjoy one another all the rest of the day. I … [Read more...]

A Valentine Tutu

There seems to be a lot of pink and red fluff floating around these days, and because every little princess and ballerina and granddaughter needs a special tutu for Valentine's Day, I got busy and created one for the little princess and granddaughters I love so much. This tutu is an {almost} … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Our son and his family will be leaving the big city, crossing over the river and passing through the woods to arrive here in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our daughters and their families, my Dad and sisters and some of their families will be joining us also. At last count, we'll have 31 around … [Read more...]