Snickerdoodles – a Fun and Easy Recipe

Snickerdoodles: fun to say, easy to bake and yummy to eat! It's near the top on the list of favorites in our house, both the baking and the eating of them. Through the years, I've found working along side my kids in the kitchen is a great way for them to learn culinary skills, but also a way of … [Read more...]

I.R.L. The Family’s Gotta Eat

In Real Life, it's Monday. And it's the last week of the month. And everyone in the family still insists they eat. Every day. At home. Sooooooo, here's this week's I.R.L. menu for you! Monday Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos Lunch: tuna sandwiches, veggie sticks, apple slices Supper: Chicken … [Read more...]

I.R.L. Savor the Moments

We rush through our days, convincing ourselves we have important things to do, important places to go, important tasks to accomplish. But what about the little not-so-little-things right here, right now? Have you noticed how we rush things? The other day hubby and I stopped in at the local home … [Read more...]

I.R.L. Someone Had Better Do the Dishes!

  What happens when days get busy and Mom gets emotional and we have late nights and places to go and things to do? Somehow we find ways to get to where we have to be and we find time for the things we think we really need to do. But around here, that rarely includes the dishes. With all … [Read more...]

I.R.L. How to Recognize your Son is “Twitterpated”

Our second son has been showing signs for a while now. He thought he was sly and could hide it. No way! It was obvious even before we knew who was behind it. We've seen it your young people as they leave their childhood behind and fall hook-line-and-sinker for that certain special … [Read more...]