5 Days of Wit and Wisdom from Veteran Homeschooling Moms

Join me next week for a visit with some of my favorite people on the planet. These ladies have influenced and encouraged me in a myriad of ways. Their friendships have been a special blessing to me and I've asked them to share a few things as a blessing to you. So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea or … [Read more...]

Computer Science Classes at Home with CompuScholar, Inc. {A Review}

Like it or not, computers play a big part in our everyday lives. They influence the way we live, play, work - even the way we shop! This is the world our children will have to learn to thrive in, so when we had the chance through the Homeschool Review Crew to try out a computer science through … [Read more...]

Homer’s Epic Adventures with Memoria Press {A Review}

Memoria Press offers a high school level curriculum from a classical christian education point of view. Their Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set provides an excellent language arts option for high schoolers. While I am familiar with the classical philosophy of education, we have not closely followed … [Read more...]

Creating a Masterpiece with Online Art Lessons {A Review}

Recently, we added art classes into our weekly homeschool schedule. I wanted to give the children opportunity to create artwork as opposed to "arts & crafts" projects. We wanted to be able to display what we created or possibly finish them in such a way as to give them as gifts. Creating a … [Read more...]

Creative Freewriting Adventure {A Review}

  I have a writer in residence. Our 15 year old daughter loves to write and looks for opportunity to jumpstart the writing process whenever and wherever she can. When I was given the opportunity to use Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co. she was totally on board … [Read more...]