Homeschool Planet: A Tool for Every Homeschool Mom {A Review}

Schedules, appointments and lessons, oh my!   Homeschool Planet  from Homeschool Buyers Co-op will help the homeschooling mom keep all her ducks in a row. As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew I was recently given the chance to use their online planner. This if not your ordinary … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Child for Life with an Internship for High School Credit

Alternative forms of education are not a new idea to homeschoolers, which is why I was very happy to receive and review a copy of  Internship for High School Credit from Apologia Educational Ministries. The concept of an internship is not new. Until recent times, the most common way to prepare a … [Read more...]

K5 Learning {A Review}

We all need help now and then, don't we? As our kids work their way through the schooling years there are times when a little extra practice is a good thing. Summer for instance. Or when a particular subject becomes overwhelming. There are many supplemental learning resources available to help them … [Read more...]

Studying Latin Will Enrich Your Homeschool {A Memoria Press Review}

My husband has been telling me for years, "You need to do Latin with the kids." My response has been some variation of "Yeah, I should. I will. Someday. When I find the right one." You see, he taught a basic latin course to our oldest children, but I did not want to take the time to learn how to … [Read more...]

Using Media for More than Just Entertainment This Summer

As a mother and my children's educator I'm torn between letting my kids have a summer full of fun and frolic or a summer of "let's not forget what we learned in school this year!" Is it possible to have both? I say, "yes!" I've seen a lot of bucket lists for summer floating around the internet. … [Read more...]