Creating a Masterpiece with Online Art Lessons {A Review}

Recently, we added art classes into our weekly homeschool schedule. I wanted to give the children opportunity to create artwork as opposed to "arts & crafts" projects. We wanted to be able to display what we created or possibly finish them in such a way as to give them as gifts. Creating a … [Read more...]

Creative Freewriting Adventure {A Review}

  I have a writer in residence. Our 15 year old daughter loves to write and looks for opportunity to jumpstart the writing process whenever and wherever she can. When I was given the opportunity to use Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co. she was totally on board … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Language Arts with Eclectic Foundations {A Review}

We found it! The Language Arts program perfectly suited to our youngest child. It is quite the challenge to find one child struggles with learning using resources we've always found successful. We have made progress using our old stand-bys but it has been slow and grueling for both of us. We have … [Read more...]

A Little Time Travel with Homeschool in the Woods {A Review}

Hands-on learning has been a favorite way to learn in our  home school over the years. Digging into a topic or theme with a variety of activities and resources is a fun and effective way to teach and to learn. I'm a self-proclaimed "Unit Study Mom" and so when given the chance to use the hands-on … [Read more...]

Online Education with {a review}

It's been nearly twenty-six years since we began  educating our children at home and I still get excited when I find a resource like that makes learning more interesting and makes my job easier. As a member of the 2017 Homeschool Review Crew I was given the opportunity to … [Read more...]