Crochet a Grocery Tote from Recycled Plastic Bags

I'm always on the lookout for  ways to use up whatever I have on hand. Like plastic grocery bags. You know, those plastic bags that seem to breed in the dark corners of the closet? A few years back, while on a train trip I took with a group of friends, one of the ladies from our group called out, … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Frugal Sewing

My friend Danielle is both creative and frugal, two qualities that are near and dear to my heart. She's also very talented and finds ways to do it all while staying within a budget. I asked her to share some of her best tips for saving money on sewing projects and supplies. I love her advice and I … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Temperature Afghan

There are many ways to preserve the memory of days gone by. A daily diary or journal, photos, notes on calendars. For years my mother in law made a note in her journal or on her calendar the weather for each day. She would make a notation of temperature, precipitation, sunshine and cloud-cover. It's … [Read more...]

Create an Acrostic Poem for Your Valentine

Here lately I've been perusing Pinterest looking for diy valentine ideas. There so many cute and clever projects floating around out there!  I have always enjoyed making little love bugs or fluffy tutus, but they've outgrown such things. Now that they are into their teens I needed an idea that would … [Read more...]

Mess Free Creativity with Thin Stix {A Review & Giveaway}

  My kids and I have been having a lot of fun in the last few weeks using the clever, mess-free, tempera paint called Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. My daughter squealed when they arrived, quite happy we received a set for this review. We both like to color and … [Read more...]