Inspired Autumn – Seasonal Crafting

Today we are wrapping up this Autumn Inspiration series. This time of year my mind and my hands just itch to get busy with warm and cozy projects, often with gift-giving in mind. {this post contains affiliate links} When I was 12, Grandma Rose taught me to crochet. I've been hooking projects big … [Read more...]

Fall Fun For the Family

The air is crisp and clean and cool these days. It invigorates my soul after the heat of summer. We are once again back into a regular schooling routine and the natives are often restless. What can you do to keep them busy and run off that pent up energy? Rake up the leaves and take a flying … [Read more...]

Autumn Inspiration For Your Home

For everything there is a season, and for every season there is proper decor. In our home, it just isn't Fall until we have our sunflowers, autumn leaves, Indian Corn, pumpkins and gourds strewn around here and there. Taking time to add little touches of the season in your home set the tone … [Read more...]

Foods for Fall

Welcome to Autumn Inspiration Week! I mentioned yesterday we'll be having a week long celebration during this change of the seasons. As the hot summer days come to an end, I find myself in the kitchen having a wonderful time whipping up hot and tasty dishes we've put on the back burner for several … [Read more...]

Autumn Inspiration Week

Living in an area that has four distinct seasons is one of my favorite things. The long, hot, humid days of summer are now getting a little shorter, a bit cooler, and much less humid. The deep, rich greens of summer trees and the splashy colors of blooming gardens are softening and muting, preparing … [Read more...]