Sweet Maple {the book} and The Best Ever Maple Scones

Sweet Maple and The Best Ever Maple Scones at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

Aaahhh, sweet maple – pure all-natural goodness. Living in New England we have maple trees and maple syrup all around us. We find ourselves surrounded by brilliant color of maple leaves in the autumn which gives me the promise of sweetness in the spring.

Saturday morning pancakes are a favorite with my children. When I began serving pure maple syrup to them rather than the corn-syrupy-stuff they had been used to, we talked about where maple syrup comes from. Trees? Where it’s cold and snowy? Tree SAP!? How do they get it out? It takes how much sap to make my syrup? So many questions.

Earlier this fall I was giving the privilege of reading a brand new book (soon to be released) titled Sweet Maple written by Michelle Visser. And guess what – in this book, all our questions were answered! She and her family live in New England have been learning first-hand what it takes to produce maple syrup. This book is all about what they’ve learned as they work the land and make use of the resources available.

She tells us about all things maple – how to tap the trees, what equipment is necessary, how to turn sap into syrup, and recipes! She offers up information about healthy living and healthy eating. Learn more about Michelle, her book and her life on a New England homestead on her blog Souly Rested.

The author gives us a glimpse into her homesteading life with a peek at how family can work together, reaping rewards together. Chickens, cows, ducks, dogs, cats, and maples. What a life! The Visser Family is grateful for how God has provided, that includes the maple trees on their property. I love the spirit of what Michelle shares in Sweet Maple. It’s like a visit with a good friend across the kitchen table. And the recipes? They are scrumptious!

Maple syrup is a God-given sweetener and I’m enjoying the process of learning how to use it in my cooking rather than processed sweeteners. That’s why I was excited to try the recipes in Michelle’s book.

“all-natural maple sweeteners offer nutrients, enzymes, antioxidents, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phenolic properties.  What does processed sugar offer?  calories  Which would you rather feed your family?”   Michelle Visser, Sweet Maple

Right away, I knew we had to try the scones. Buttery, creamy and slightly sweet, these scones were an immediate favorite. (Michelle has made the recipe available in a free 15-page ebook on her blog.)

Sweet Maple Scones in the oven at ApronSTringsOtherThings.com

They are delicious when served warm right out of the oven, but they become an extra-special breakfast treat or something you’d serve at a formal tea when you drizzle a maple glaze over top.

The Best Every Maple Scones Maple Icing Sweet Maple at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

This recipe is a keeper. These are definitely The Best Ever Maple Scones! Recipe and instructions are included in the last section of Sweet Maple along with other recipes like Maple Vinaigrette, Maple Cinnamon Butter, Maple Doughnuts – oh my, and more!

Be on the lookout for Sweet Maple, it will be released on Amazon very soon! In the meantime, visit HERE for details FREE 15-page, full-color eBook ~Maple Goodness~ that includes this scone recipe and lots more from Michelle.

Sweet Maple Scones at ApronStringsOtherThings.com



Sweet Maple Scones at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

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  1. Those scones look absolutely scrumptious! I’m so looking forward to the release of this book!

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