Sunday Night Suppers + this week’s menu

Menu Plan Monday FallPopcorn – our Sunday night supper. It’s a family tradition, a carry over from my husband’s growing up years. On Sunday nights, his mom popped big batches of popcorn, and if anyone was still hungry they could fix a sandwich or dig through the frig for leftovers. Sounded like a great tradition to me, so I carried on when we first married. And nearly 30 years later, we are still popping that corn on Sunday nights.

Sunday Night Supper -- Apron Strings & other thingsThis week, I added something from my growing up years. Braunschweiger, Miracle Whip, thinly sliced onions on Roman Meal Bread. Yum Yum!!!! Took me right back to my childhood. My mom often had the makings for this tasty treat on hand. Sometimes my Mom would spread it on saltine crackers or toast, but Roman Meal wheat bread was my dad’s favorite. There was always a jar of MW in the frig. Nowadays, we use my own home baked whole wheat bread, and true Miracle Whip is only in my frig when I find a really great deal (which I did recently). I sometimes embarrass my family as I stand in the aisles of the grocery store, salivating as I relive culinary memories. Anyone else have that problem, or am I alone here? I am winning my children over – though a few prefer actual ‘mayonnaise’ and only Luke and Dad will eat the onions.

I wonder what special foods and traditions my children will revisit as they are raising their families. It’s gonna be such fun finding out!

Now you know what was on the menu Sunday night, here’s have a look at our menu plan for the rest of the week:

  • Monday – (B) Breakfast Burritos, (L) Tuna Salad Sandwiches, (S) Tacos
  • Tuesday – (B) WW Toast, (L) Ramen Noodles & veggies, (S) Chicken Pot Pie
  • Wednesday -(B) Baked Oatmeal, (L) Cozy Dogs, (S) Autumn Soup
  • Thursday – (B) Cereal, (L) Quesadillas, (S) Date Night: KOTO (Kids On Their Own)
  • Friday – (B) Muffins, (L) Mac n’ Cheese, (S) Pizza
  • Saturday – (B) Waffles, (L) Leftovers, (S) Meatloaf

Does your family have crazy food traditions like ours? What do you serve on Sunday night?

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  1. Sunday night is always, always clean-out-the-fridge night. We eat leftovers. It gives me a night off from cooking and meal planning, plus it helps us waste less. Win/win! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A food tradition in our house that I carried over from my mother: Saturday nights in the fall is always something that goes well with watching a football game: chili, burgers on the grill, anything cooked on the grill, home-made pizza, etc.

    • Clean-out-the-fridge night sounds like the perfect thing to start off the week. We often have ‘must-go’s’ before I do my shopping, in order to make room in the fridge.
      Your Saturday night tradition sounds wonderful – like tailgating in the comfort of your own home ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My memories are not so much with dinner, but breakfasts. We has scrambled eggs in biscuits (I am sure there is a name for it, but you cook up the scrambled eggs with whatever you like in them. Then flatten out a biscuit, fill it with the cooked scrambled eggs, and bake in the oven as per the directions of the muffins. These are great reheated too.) and bread cereal. That’s just torn up bread, milk, and sugar. My beloved remember’s a lot of scalloped potatoes with hotdogs, meat loaf, and has a lot of canning memories of his mom and her friends while the children played outside. *smile* His mom remembers rice cereal. That is a hard one for me to understand. But alas, my bread cereal may be hard for her to understand. *smile* Bread was one of those give away foods at pantries so we most always had that and milk on hand. It was a matter of eating it before it went bad and the bags of off brand cereal went so fast when we did have them.
    As for Sunday dinner, it all depends on the day for us. I am terrible at meal planning no matter how many times I try or how many different ways I try to do it. *smile* My in-laws always had a large crock pot lunch waiting when we went there after services and the areoma was intoxicating. *big smile* The falling apart dry meat, over cooked veggies, and bread of some kind is a fun memory but we don’t do it in our home. *smile* It was a late lunch so we just munched on the left overs for dinner time. *smile* That was when we were the kids (before having children of our own. *smile* Have a great week and thanks for sharing your meal ideas for the comming week. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • Oh yes, I do love breakfast! Your eggs in a biscuit sound delicious, I”ll have to try them! It’s fun to read of all the different family traditions, and hearing how different people bring different things to a marriage. It’s interesting how we take all those things and work them into becoming our own family with our own traditions.
      We eat a large Sunday dinner, and it is later than usual, and so I think that is where the idea of a light Sunday supper came from. And there have been seasons when we attended Sunday evening services, which made it difficult to work in a meal, so a grab-and-go snack supper works for us!
      have a wonderful week and enjoy your family as you share meals together ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That sounds like a good tradition to me too! I love popcorn. But doing that on Sunday’s wouldn’t work for us. Maybe Monday or Saturday. Hum??????? Sunday’s at our house are a big cooking day,especially in the fall. My husband and daughter love Football. So she brings her family over to watch the games most Sundays. She and/ or I are always cooking up something for a crowd on Sunday. If I know the day before they are coming for sure, I usually throw something in the crock pot before I head out to Church. I don’t really like football too much, but whatever gets my girl and her baby girl and my favorite son in law (he’s my only son in law) over to my house is good!! And I love to cook for everyone anyway, so I let them enjoy the game and I cook.

    • Football and family and food definitely go together! Sounds like a wonderful tradition to me. My dream has always been for my children and grandchildren to gather around my table after Sunday services and spend the day relaxing and enjoying each others’ company, but that just isn’t how life has worked. I use my crockpot too – my favorite kitchen tool!
      What a great mom and grandma you are, serving and loving them the way you do. Enjoy your family!

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