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Improving Reading Skills with Reading Eggs at

Teaching reading is one of the biggest tasks a homeschooling mom takes on. Fun online learning games and activities like the ones included in Reading Eggs make learning reading easy. Having a variety of tools to reinforce reading skills and comprehension is important, too. After receiving a 6-month subscription this fall, my daughter (11) has been using the reading games as a supplement to her reading/language arts lessons and we’ve been pleased with her progress.

Reading Eggs*

Because she is already a reader, the first thing we did after registering our account was to have our daughter take the placement test. I was a bit anxious about this – she often gets nervous and hesitant with activities like this but she placed out at exactly the level I expected. Based on her answers on this placement test, Bekah began lessons and activities in the Reading Eggspress section, which is the higher level activities.

Reading eggs has multiple levels for children from toddler/preschool all the way up into middle school. Each level (or section) focuses on a different level of skill. They are:

  • Reading Eggs Junior – This is designed for preschoolers, ages 2-4.  It uses a variety of read-aloud books, alphabet games and other things to get your child focusing on letters and the sounds they make.
  • Reading Eggs – This is for ages 3-7. This level uses a self-paced program to get your children excited about readingThey will complete a variety of activities and even earn golden eggs as a reward!
  • Reading Eggspress – This level helps readers in grades 1-6 practice their reading skills and focuses more on things like comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and grammar.  A simple placement test helps put them in the correct spot.  The program is full of games, activities, online books and more that help your child learn to love reading.
  • MathSeeds is a great program for ages 7-9 to practice and perfect math skills.


Our Bekah has been slower in gaining momentum with her reading skills. As a reluctant reader over the years we’ve tried many different programs and resources to help boost her interest and her skill. When giving Reading Eggspress a try this past month, I was hopeful but kept my expectations low so we wouldn’t be disappointed. There was no need to worry, we have not been disappointed at all!

When she signs in, Bekah sees her Dashboard – When she clicks on the “My Lessons” button she’s taken to a map that shows how she’s progressing through her lesson and she can easily enter the next lesson. These focus mostly on reading and comprehension skills. When she clicks on the English Skills button she is taken to the Spelling and Grammar exercises. The Library is full of stories on many different subjects for her reading pleasure.

As your child progresses through the lessons you’ll periodically receive an email with a progress report. How nice is that – talk about easy record keeping! Parents can turn the games and play areas on or off, depending on how much you want your child to have access to these. The lessons are what earns the child their rewards and ‘eggs’ but some are drawn to those games. You can gauge for yourself how much access you want them to have.

Our daughter is checking in on her lessons 2 or 3 times a week and working through the reading and comprehension sections, but she is now working a spelling lesson each day. That’s the area I want her to focus for now – after a month of this we’ll re-evaluate and determine which areas she needs most and focus on those. I love using resources that are flexible and adaptable to our needs!

Bekah’s favorite part about this program? It’s the extras – like shopping at the mall, furnishing her apartment and buying a pet. While all this may seem superfluous, it’s proved to be a good motivator. We set  a goal for a certain amount of time or a certain number of lessons in order for her to earn time with those fun activities. It’s a system that works beautifully for us!

Reading Eggs is an online program designed to help children (ages two to thirteen) develop and strengthen reading skills. Some of you may have tried the 4 Week Free Trial in the past. No matter what your experience may have been at that time, you’ll want to check them out again. You can now print out lesson worksheets, there’s also a math program included called Mathseeds where kids  can enjoy fun games and activities that enhance their math skills (mostly geared to ages three through nine.) This program is very versatile. You can use Reading Eggs on all of your devices, such as a desktop or laptop computer and even tablets.

They now have a homeschool guide for kindergarten through second grade that provides a schedule for using these online reading and math programs. It includes printables for those subjects! There are suggestions for using books in their online library for science and social studies as well. These brand new Homeschool Guides are available to download for FREE from the Parent Dashboard.  If we had a little one coming up on the early grades of schooling, this would definitely be something we’d try.


Reading Eggs

My daughter is enjoying the fun online learning games and activities in Reading Eggs, It provides a fun and interactive way for her to improve her reading and language arts skills. You can give it a try yourself with 4 weeks FREE access to the program! (This offer expires on November 30, 2017.)

Reading Eggs

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