Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan {Five Minute Friday}

I’m joining others today for Five Minute Friday where we are given a word prompt and then write free and raw, no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation (that’s the hard part!), and share spontaneous out flows from our hearts through our fingertips.


Just write.



Have you heard that wise old saying “Plan your work, and work you plan”? I’m finding the wisdom in these words as I go through my day, my week, my month tacking on activities and commitments and responsibilities without working them into the plan.

Plan Your Work Work Your Plan - Apron Strings Other Things
I’m rather a free-spirit when it comes to schedules and goals, I’d rather ‘go with the flow’ or just see how things turn out. The problem with this is other people depend on me and if I’ve let things like meals and laundry fall to the wayside because of one of my new hair-brained ideas, something is wrong.
Gotta have a plan, one that stays flexible, allowing for disruptions and transition and the unexpected.

Gotta have a plan, girl, so you know what direction you are headed! There may be a bend in the road or a detour ahead, but at least you know where you need to get to next, what task to tackle after you’ve taken care of this present one.
Plan. Work the plan. It sounds rather freeing to me.


A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9


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  1. I tend to be a free spirit too, Linda, but what you say is absolutely right on. Without a plan, people perish. And, yet, when we plan it is subject to God’s orchestration of it!!! I find it easier to plan but then to FOLLOW HIM! I’m your neighbor at Kate’s today! #FMF

    • So nice to meet a fellow free spirit, Susan 🙂 Thank you for encouraging words, thanks so much for taking time to stop by today – have a blessed weekend!

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