Pie for All!

9 pie recipes for every day at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

My family loves pie, adores pie, clamors for pie. Sounds like we have an obsession, doesn’t it? It’s the dessert of choice. It’s more common for me to serve Birthday Pie around here than it is to serve Birthday Cake. Fruit Pie, Cream Pie, Pie Fresh from the Oven, Chilled Pie Ready to Serve. No matter how you slice it we do love our pie!

I’ll be baking a cherry pie this week for my teen-aged daughter, per her request. I’m so thankful I still have some fruit in the freezer from last summer.  (We’ve also been able to restock our supply of  jams and preserves mid-winter with fruit we had in the freezer) It tastes nearly as good as fresh after the long winter months. My personal favorite is the strawberry-rhubarb pie.

To help feed this pie addiction we have, I collected a few recipes to add to my collection and I’m sharing them here with you today. Happy Baking!

Pie Collage at ApronStringsOtherThings.com


Banana Split Pudding Pie from Flour on My Face

Chocolate Cream Pie from Today’s Frugal Mom

Coconut Cream Cheese Pie from I Love My Disorganized Life

Creamy Apple Crisp Pie from 3 Boys and a Dog

Easy Peanut Butter Pie from A Slob Comes Clean

Peaches and Cream Pie from DIY Budget Girl

Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie from Domestic Mommyhood

Easy Cherry Pie from The Princess and the Cowboys

and if you’d like to try my own Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie recipe just click on the photo below!

Classic Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Recipe | Apron Strings & Other Things

Are you are intimidated by the thought of making your own pie crust? Feel free to use the ready-to-use pie crusts available at your grocery store, but if you’d like to try rolling one out on your own, these recipes are a good place to start:

No Roll Pie Crust from Cooking Mimi

How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust from Frugal Family Home

Whole Wheat Pie Crust from Natural Chow

Flaky Crispy Pie Crust from FlusterBuster

Are you a Pie-Baker? Pie-Eater? What is your favorite?

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  1. I love pie too. But I don’t make it enough for my family. I get discouraged about the ratio effort and time to create to eating it. I do a modified version of the old 4-H crust recipe, using all butter instead of lard or Crisco. I’ve subbed part coconut oil and like that too. I mix it in the food processor for speed. On the search now for a good GF crust that won’t crumble apart. Favorite pie hands-down is my mom’s concord grape pie. My mouth waters thinking of it. Second place is pretty much every other kind of pie, except for chocolate pie. I do love a good Dutch apple. My mom used to make German cherry pie for Washington’s birthday.

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