Teaching Purity to Teens with Sex by Design {a review}

  I strongly believe we parents are the ones who should decide how and when to educate our children about sex and that is why I was excited to receive DVD-based program, Sex by Design from Abby Ludvigson to use and review. Discussing purity with my teens and pre-teen is a whole lot … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 10.26.17

  A good start to the day, a journey that takes on a lifelong adventure of learning, delicious fall recipes, adding touches of the season to our homes - these are things I enjoyed this past week. At our weekly Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop, our most visited post last week was The … [Read more...]

Using What’s Available with The Changing of the Season

    Back in the Midwest, wild grapevines grew all around us. You could see them twining up the fence posts and wrapping around tree trunks along the road side. Every year I would say, "I should cut some and make wreaths and garlands and spays and whatever!" And never did. Here in … [Read more...]

Bible Devotions for Tweens Using Weave Your Word in Me {a review}

  As a part of our daily routine, we ask our children to spend time each morning ready and studying scripture, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review Weave Your Word in Me -- Part 1 from Kid Niche Christian Books. Using the Lord's Prayer as the underlying outline, this prayer … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 10.18.17

  Visits from special people, a walk in the leaves, a hot latte in a real mug - these are some of my favorite things. A gathering of fantastic posts each Thursday at our Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog is another of my favorite things! Last week's most-viewed post was 13 Things To … [Read more...]