Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 2.1.18

Hello February! Isn't it exciting turning that calendar page, knowing we've survived another month of winter and have spring to look forward to? There must be some of you who are looking forward to spring because last week's most-viewed post was Get Your Garden Started with The Inquisitive … [Read more...]

Homeschool Moms, Have A Little Fun!

As homeschool moms, we can easily get bogged down in the must-do's and ought-to-do's and wanna-do's of educating our children. Because we desire the best for them and want them to be the best they can be, we may put undue pressure on them (and ourselves) to reach high academic standards while … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 1.25.18

Who's battling cabin fever these days? February is right around the corner and it's prime time in my neck of the woods for the seasonal ho-hums or depression or whatever you want to call it. That's why I love Thursdays - I always find something upbeat and encouraging in our blog hop. Last week, many … [Read more...]

Middle School – The Years for Transition

As moms, we know our children grow and develop at all different rates. Just like when they were tiny babes, it's easy to compare our 'tweens' and 'teens' to others when it comes to maturity and skills. When they are  in that limbo between childhood and adulthood we often nit-pick their quirky … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 1.18.18

This week I find myself reflecting on the fact that we are already half way through the first month of the new year. With the wintry weather and frigid temps we've experienced so far this year, we have been forced able to take our days at a slower pace than we do at other times of the year. I've … [Read more...]