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No More Perfect Moms Book Study - Apron Strings & other things

In the spring of 2014 I joined in an amazing journey to becoming a more authentic mom while reading through No More Perfect Moms with three special blogging friends. Oh, my, I learned so much! It was refreshing to be reminded that I am not a perfect mother and I don’t have to be. I’ll never measure up to that perfect mother image I have floating around in my head, and that’s ok.

My friends and I read through this fantastic book (written by Jill Savage) and shared our thoughts with one another and with our readers. I decided to read through this book again as I prepare for a new school year, and I thought maybe you out there would like to come along on the journey with me this time. I think it will encourage you in your own travels through this trip we call Motherhood.

Over the next two weeks, I will be summarizing the chapters in a blog post each day. Every chapter will also include a video discussion from my buddies Bridget, Mandy and Misty. They shared their thoughts and ideas as they followed along with the questions from the discussion guide that’s available on the author’s website and we get to take a peek!

Would you like to join me? No More Perfect Moms is available on Jill Savage’s website or you can do a search and pick up a copy (digital or hard copy) from your favorite place to shop. As you read through each chapter stop by and tell us what you learn and how you’re growing in your role as Mom. Let’s all encourage and strengthen one another!

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 1 – Fighting Perfection

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 2 – Putting on Confidence

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 3 – No More Perfect Kids

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 4 – No More Perfect Bodies

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 5 – No More Perfect Marriages

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 6 – No More Perfect Friends

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 7 – No More Perfect Days

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 8 – No More Perfect Homes

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 9 – No More Perfect Homemaking

No More Perfect Moms – Chapter 10 – One Perfect God


You can purchase a copy of No More Perfect Moms, as well as her other books at her website  And HERE you’ll find the Discussion Guide that follows along chapter by chapter, plus a lot of other terrific resources for a study using No More Perfect Moms.

A great big THANK YOU! to the beautiful women who are publicly sharing their own personal perspective on our chapters in the videos throughout this study. I am so thankful for their encouragement and support. You’ll find my friend Misty writing at Beautiful Ashes and Year Round Homeschooling ,  Bridget at Becoming a Godly Wife  and Mandy at Worshipful Living,  I hope you’ll find time to visit these amazing ladies!


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  1. I am looking for my next read (and book review)…this one seems like it is a winner. Thank you for doing the “study”.

    • I highly recommend it Sheryl. No More Perfect Moms is an enjoyable read, but still has a lot of depth – it’s been a challenging read as well. I hope you’ll join along with me! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Blessings!

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