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Why Motherhood Matter, a Book Review at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

As a girl, all I really wanted to be when I grew up was to become a wife and mother, stay at home, raise a family. I guess you could say it was my calling. A beautiful calling, but not an easy one! There are joys, blessings, rewards amidst quarrels, snotty noses and skinned knees. I suppose part of me wishes I could have done a better job, but mostly I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve been a mother now for over 31 years. Our oldest four children are grown and building their own lives, homes, families. What a wonder! Our youngest 4 are really not so young anymore, but still at home growing and learning and getting ready for the days when they are on their own. Unbelievable!

Did I do enough for them? Have I influenced them in the right direction? What if I wasn’t all they needed? These questions plague most of us moms. That’s why I was excited to get the chance to read an amazing little book, {Why} Motherhood Matters by September McCarthy, and share it with you!

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The author is a mother of ten who passionately believes that motherhood is influential, has value and really does matter. With this book she shares truth and understanding that will speak to women in a way the encourages the overwhelmed spirit, helps her find peace in chaos and seek joy in times of heartache.

We all need help in our journey through motherhood, we cannot do it alone. Alone, we’ll fail – with God, with Christ, with friends who remind us we can be equipped to do this job, we will be successful. That is McCarthy’s message.

Sitting down with this book was like sitting down at the kitchen table, sharing a coffee chat with a friend. Mrs. McCarthy and I have much in common – we have birthed and raised larger than average families, have homeschooled our brood for many years, and have stories of imperfection and perseverance to tell.

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In {Why} Motherhood Matters,  there are four parts:

  • Part I – {Why} You Are Not Alone
  • Part II – {Why} We Cannot Live Motherhood by the Seat of Our Pants
  • Part III – {Why} You Will Lead Them in the Way They Should Go
  • Part IV – {Why} Giving Your Children a Reason to Change Makes All the Difference

In each part, there are 6-8 short chapters. Along with the story of her own journey through motherhood, the author in each chapter also shares a Truth to Live By (a relevant Bible verse) and Taking the Steps (practical activity or suggestions to put the advice into practice) and My Parenting Principle (her real life, personal examples of how to walk the walk.) She wraps up each chapter with a prayer, which helps us focus our hearts and thoughts.

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September McCarthy offers up life-speaking truths to help us throw off the lies of the Enemy – the Devil. Believing we are not enough is a deception the Devil tries to sell us. McCarthy says “An intentional pursuit that revolutionized my motherhood and gave me back my joy and identity in Christ.” This book is empowering, an encouraging, easy read. I picked it up and read cover-to-cover. Now I am going back, at a slower pace using each chapter as a an outline for my daily quiet time. Whether you’ve been a mom for 30 years, 30 days, or hope to walk the motherhood path in your future, this book has something for each of us.

I received a copy of {Why} Motherhood Matters in exchange for my completely honest and personal opinion and experience. You can learn more about this book at September’s McCarthy’s website (including a sample chapter) or purchase here using my affiliate link.


September McCarthy is a writer, speaker, popular blogger (One September Day at www.septembermccarthy.com), wife, and a home-educating mother to ten beautiful children. She is juggling the stages of motherhood, from adult children to toddlers, and is now a grandma to two more blessings. She is also the founder and director of Raising Generations Today, a nonprofit ministry designed to equip and inspire moms to reach the hearts of their children for God’s glory.


Why Mohterhood Matters by September McCarthy a book review at ApronSTringsOtherThings.com







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  1. Wow, wow, wow…I cannot tell you how MUCH this post and this book echoes exactly what’s been on my mom mind and heart lately. What moms do does matter so much to the souls of our family…souls that are going to be neglected if no one is intentionally caring for them. Thank you so much for reinforcing that truth for me today! Stopping by from your own party! 🙂

    • well, your comment made my morning, Elizabeth <3 I love it when my words speak directly to my readers' hearts. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book - the author did not make me feel like I'd never measure up, but encouraged and strengthened. This message really does need to be heard!

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