Middle School – The Years for Transition

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As moms, we know our children grow and develop at all different rates. Just like when they were tiny babes, it’s easy to compare our ‘tweens’ and ‘teens’ to others when it comes to maturity and skills. When they are  in that limbo between childhood and adulthood we often nit-pick their quirky awkwardness, set our expectations too high or too low. It’s important we give them (and ourselves) space and time to transition.

The Middle School Years are the transition years. Our kids in grades 6 through 8 are all over the place when it comes to physical growth, emotional needs, maturity levels and academic progress. Rather than beating ourselves up because our child is behind in this or that subject or popping our buttons with pride because they are way beyond their peers when it comes to mature behavior, let’s sit back and evaluate.

This is the perfect time to build on strengths and address weaknesses, but be selective. You still have time to help them catch up on subjects they have struggled with. There is still plenty of time before the high school years for them to make up ground.

I’m sharing more on this topic over at Year Round Homeschooling today. I hope you’ll hop over and join us for Misty’s series on Homeschooling Middle School Students.

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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    I have noticed that even thought I haven’t put huge emphasis on areas I thought my oldest might be lacking in he still has made huge strides from grades 6-8. I don’t know if all those lessons finally clicked into place or if he just matured enough to really begin focusing but I have learned that middle school (for us anyway) was more about instilling good habits and work ethic.

    • I think that’s a good call on your part 🙂 There’s so much happening in the bodies, minds and souls at that age, and it all has to somehow catch up and balance out. Love them and watch them grow!

  2. I agree! Thanks for sharing.

  3. We’re entering this transition for the first time, and I needed these words of encouragement!

  4. Great encouraging words. I have one finished and now onto high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. This season has been challenging and in some ways more so then the toddler years.

    • Raising children (and homeschooling them, too) has challenges and joys at every stage – in some ways, the toddler years were so simple compared to the middle school and high school years! I pray your coming years are full of blessings as you continue on this journey <3

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