I.R.L. We Store Socks on the Front Porch

I.R.L. We Store Dirty Socks on the Front Porch at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

I do laundry on Mondays. Usually. On Tuesday the boys had no socks to wear.

Mom: I did all the white clothes yesterday. Check the sock basket.

Boys: Nope. No socks. None that fit, anyway.

Mom: Check under your beds.

Boys: Nope. But we found . . . . (you fill in the blank. I’m sure they found whatever your imaginations come up with)

Mom: What are you doing with all your socks? Trading them for bubble gum? Sending them to orphans in who-knows-where? Washing the car with them? What?

Boys: I dunno! We wear them, put them in the laundry, but they don’t ever come back!

Mom: Really? You put them in the laundry? So you are blaming the washer? You think it’s eating them? Maybe there’s a dark abyss behind the laundry room door where all boy socks go to die!

Boys: Mo-om!

Seeing she’s getting nowhere with this conversation, mom steps out the front door to water the flower pots. Lo and behold what does she see? SOCKS!

And that, my friends, is real life. Where do you store your dirty socks?

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  1. They used to be under the couch in the living room (including mine), but I put a wicker basket on the stairs and now they’re (mostly) there. When I come down with a load I pick through the basket for anything that can be added.

    • sounds like a great solution, Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚ socks under the couch? yeah, I’ve found them there too. And since confession is good for the sould, I’ll admit that I, too, am guilty of leaving my socks laying around at times. Having a specific place, easily accessible is a good way to keep things corralled. Thanks for sharing!

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