I.R.L. Someone Had Better Do the Dishes!

I.R.L. Someone Had Better Do The Dishes at ApronStringsOtherThings.com


What happens when days get busy and Mom gets emotional and we have late nights and places to go and things to do? Somehow we find ways to get to where we have to be and we find time for the things we think we really need to do. But around here, that rarely includes the dishes.

With all that’s been happening around here, the dishes had pile high and someone had to do them! I confess, right here and right now – over the weekend it wasn’t me. I was blessed with sweet servants this weekend – my youngest daughter and our college-student-son along with his fiance took care of cleaning up the kitchen while I was off peddling my hair accessories at a nearby fall festival. My sweet husband pitched in Sunday afternoon when I was wiped out both physically and emotionally and needed a little extra rest. Tonight everyone pitched in and cleaned up after supper.

Now that we are on top of it again, the plan is to clean up after each meal and make sure the dishwasher runs before I head to bed each night. (I learned this tip from ‘Nony’ at A Slob Comes Clean and her wonderfully simple but life-changing ebook {my affiliate link} 28 Days to Hope for Your Home)

Like they say, “many hands make for light work.” It’s true. It’s real. It’s life. Who does the dishes at your house?

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