I.R.L. Saying Good-Bye is So Very Hard

I.R.L. Saying Goodbye is So Very Hard at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

Yesterday’s post was un-officially the 8th instalment of this I.R.L. (in real life) series I’m writing all through October. In real life I co-host the Hearts for Home Blog Hop every Thursday. 

That makes this officially my 9th instalment. In real life my heart ached as it ministered to those in my home today as we said goodbye to our 13 year old yellow lab, Bonnie. We know in our heads that life will come full circle, but it’s never easy when we face the end. I believe God intended for our pets to bring us joy and happiness, but I believe even more that God put us in families to comfort and care and grieve with one another.

Can I tell you about our sweet Bonnie? She was the tail-waggin’est dog you ever did see. Her tail would begin that thump-thump-thumping as soon as she heard your footsteps approaching. She would be up to meet and greet us, recognizing the sound of our vehicle long before it was in sight.

Her soulful eyes would look up at you and you’d just know for sure she understood everything you told her. and she’d keep your secret. and she’d know just how you felt even when you couldn’t find the words.

These are the words our children are using to describe their life-long friend:

  • Loyal – a side-kick on million walks with each and every family member. You could always count on an affectionate tap of the paw or her companionship when you felt all alone.
  • Smart – she would sit, stay, lie down, shake, play dead, all for a pat on the head and just to entertain. 
  • Patient – raised alongside our brood meant she endured ear-pulling and tail-yanking. More than one child convinced her to play pony or jump through literal hoops.
  • Keen –  a natural hunter. quick and stealth-like when necessary, she kept the yard free of moles and other pests.
  • Trustworthy – she could keep a secret better than anyone. she’d follow you anywhere and perform on command for the mere payment of a pat, a hug, or a bite of your sandwich.

I.R.L. Saying Goobye to Bonnie at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

It seems like just the other day this yellow pup followed our daughter home. Love at first sight, she adopted us, we adopted her. But in real life, nearly 14 years have passed. She’s lived a good life. It’s been a privilege to have been her family.

We love you Bonnie, always and forever.

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