I.R.L. Relax, Recharge, Restore on this Lord’s Day

I.R.L. Relax, Recharge, Restore at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

It’s Sunday. The Lord’s Day. The Day of Rest. No matter what you call it, today I’m spending time with my family. Attending Sunday morning service with our church family, sharing a meal and sweet fellowship afterward. Then you’ll find me playing games and hanging out with my husband and children the rest of the day. My youngest is counting on movie time with Mom before the day is out. We’ve all had a full and busy week and have been looking forward to this time to relax, recharge, restore.

I imagine that is what God did on the 7th day, after having 6 full days of creating business to do. Relax, Recharge, Restore. Or maybe He just knew that is what WE would need to do each week and so He set the example for us.

Whether it’s a Sabbath Saturday or Sunday The Lord’s Day or a day off during the week, we all need some rest and relaxation. It makes working hard through the other days much more do-able. It’s the perfect day to re-connect as a family, a great way to prepare for a new week.

Are you taking time to relax, recharge, restore today?

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