I.R.L. Lunch With a Friend is Good Therapy

I.R.L. Lunch with a Friend is Good Therapy at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

It’s been a good day. An In Real Life kind of day. We overslept, a little. Grabbed a quick breakfast and pulled out the school books and laid out plans for the day. Plans for the children’s day also included some farm chores and cleaning up lady beetles that seem to appear on sunny October afternoons. My own plans for the day included lunch with a friend and a conversation visit with a young homeschooling mom.

While running through the list of things our checklist for the day, when it came to “lunch with Debbie” and “meet with Laura” I literally gave a tiny jump for joy and clapped my hands exclaiming “Just like the Old Days!” At that moment, I had a huge revelation – in our modern age of instant, virtual access to communication, we’ve let in-real-life-person-to-person-face-to-face sharing and conversation go by the wayside.

There is something so special, so cheering, so encouraging and therapeutic to sit around the kitchen table, sharing a simple meal, a cup of coffee, and our own personal thoughts and experiences and questions. LOVED it today that I had that opportunity. In Real Life.

Speaking of good friends and lunch, I have another I.R.L. moment for you today. Looking forward to catching up with my oldest friend, I got myself all dolled up, including jewelry and accessories, slipped on my shoes and headed out the door. Halfway there I remembered – make up. NO MAKE UP! While I considered for a split second the return home and fix my face, I said to myself (yes, out loud. I do that in real life): “Nah, she won’t mind, and now I’ll have an I.R.L. moment to share with my readers!” And so the picture up above, my raw self and my bestie in her apron – in real life.

 31 Days of I.R.L. (in real life) at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

Thanks for the visit. You’ll find all my I.R.L. visits by clicking on the coffee cup image.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Deborah Gandy says:

    Mutual therapy, my friend. <3

  2. Thank you so much for joining on the link-up! This post made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ My best friend and I live about 10 hours apart and we only see each other MAYBE once per year. The thing I love so much about us getting together is getting to sit down and have a nice dinner with her and catch up IN PERSON on life. SO thankful for those moments!

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