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I.R.L. Let Your Thank You Be Enough at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

I don’t know about you, but I am often full of good intentions and big ideas — Earlier this month I had the brilliant idea of making bookmarks for my writing class to celebrate their hard work throughout the weeks. BUT, I didn’t get to it. Life got in the way. Children needed to be fed. Laundry needed to be washed. School lessons needed to be taught.

Instead of handing out cute and fancy bookmarks, I said “Thank you for being a great class!” And decided that would have to be enough. I shared with a friend how I was disappointed in myself for not showing the kids how I really felt about them and their efforts. I said something about feeling like a failure and how I hated letting them down.

“You said ‘thank you.’ That’s enough.” Such wise words from the mouth of a friend. Thank you, Lord, for using her as Your mouthpiece to speak the words I needed to hear.

At that moment I realized I was putting expectations on myself. No one else had asked me to make bookmarks or mentioned a gift of any type was necessary. Why do I put that kind of pressure on myself?  A lesson I suppose I still have to learn.

Is it required we have an over-the-top celebration for the first day of school? Do I feel pressured to give my children better-than-last-year’s birthday parties? Do I make our schedule crazy trying to fit in those out-of-this-world craft projects?

I said “Thank You.” And it was enough. For real. Do you let your thank you be enough? Or do you feel pressure to show more, to give more, to be more?

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  1. Good thoughts — and you’re right — so often we feel like we have to add . . . stuff to our words to make them mean something, but sometimes the words, honestly and genuinely said and meant, are all that is needed.

    • that’s so true, Carolyn. Our words are powerful, and should be allowed to stand on their own. Thank you for stopping by and sharing today. Blessings!

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