I.R.L. How to Recognize your Son is “Twitterpated”

I.R.L. How to Recognize Your Son is Twitterpated at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

Our second son has been showing signs for a while now. He thought he was sly and could hide it. No way! It was obvious even before we knew who was behind it. We’ve seen it your young people as they leave their childhood behind and fall hook-line-and-sinker for that certain special someone.

Twitterpated: adjective: infatuated or obsessed

It is a particularly amazing phenomena when it comes to our sons. They change from a strong, no-nonsense, I’ve-got-this-thing-called-life-under-control outlook to a big, squooshy, marshmallow. In our experience, it happens quickly. Like, overnight. So you are not caught off guard when it happens in your family, you should be on the lookout for these common signs:

  • He begins ironing his clothes. without being told.
  • He cleans out his vehicle. often.
  • He responds with ‘uh-huh’ when you ask a question. and the question was ‘are you leaving back to school tonight or tomorrow?’ or ‘where’s your dirty laundry?’ or ‘can I borrow a million dollars?’
  • He gets after his siblings for not picking up after themselves. forgetting he was guilty of same infraction not long ago.
  • He wears a goofy grin and chuckles now and then. when no one is cracking jokes. or in the same room.
  • He has to find a new phone plan because his pay-as-you go phone. because his minutes are used up way to fast all of a sudden.
  • He actually ASKS for a hair cut (or has the need for a new hair style)
  • He randomly shoots you  questions like “Did you and Mom ever disagree about . . . ”  or “How long was it before you and Dad ever have trouble deciding . . . “

The cause? Love. Pure and Simple. The Remedy? Time. God’s Timing. The Prescription? Patience. A Sense of Humor. Godly Counsel. and A Good Dose of I.R.L. now and then.

Engagement at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

Looks like wedding bells will be ringing around here in a few months for our son and his bride-to-be. They are so cute together. So sickeningly sweet. And happy. Our family is blessed beyond measure!

Are happy things happening in your life? Are you witnessing the State of Being Twitterpated in anyone you know? I’d love to hear about joyful moments you’ve been experiencing lately!

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  1. This is so awesome! Congratulations to your family. We say the same twitterpatted behavior around here just a few years ago. Love the description!

    • Thanks for celebrating with us Kim – so much fun to see our normally sensible young people go all to mush, isn’t it? Blessings to you and your family this week!

  2. Oh that is just priceless! Thanks for sharing. I’m keeping this one for some day in my future!!

    • thank you, Belinda ๐Ÿ™‚ We have to keep a sense of humor about us when our boys go off the deep end! Thankfully, our boy is a good sport and takes the ribbing well. Good thing, because there is a ton of truth in this post!

  3. Aww, I so look forward to seeing my little brother and sisters reach this stage of life. It’s gonna be so much fun! I’m an oldest sister who got married young, so while my husband and I have been married 5 years, there hasn’t been even a serious interest for any of my siblings yet–but it’ll be fun when they start coming ’round!

    • Oh, yes, it is fun, Rachel! What makes it more exciting is to see how the youngers learn from watching the olders. We’ve seen in our family how God’s timing is always perfect, and it’s all worth waiting for. Blessings to you and your husband, and all your siblings!

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