How to Organize an Apron Swap

I am a huge fan of aprons. I love sewing up new aprons and scouring thrift shops for aprons. I love giving aprons and receiving aprons. I could easily make room for a few more aprons. A girl can never have too many aprons! A fun way to add to your apron collection and bless someone else at the same time is to organize an apron swap.

Organize an Apron Swap - Apron Strings & other things

What is an apron swap? Imagine a secret sister gift exchange combined with a cookie swap. Participants each send an apron to another and receive an apron from someone. And then you have an old-fashioned show-and-tell and reveal who gave what apron to whom!

Sound like fun? Just follow these five steps for a successful Apron Swap Party:

  1. Invite participants. Will you invite family members or the church ladies? Maybe a gathering of neighbors or a Mom’s group? With internet access, the world is so much smaller these days, you could invite online friends to participate. Email or snail mail an invitation with all the details, asking for an RSVP.
  2. Set the rules. Each person sends (or brings) an apron. Each person receives an apron. Decide if aprons are to be handmade or ready-made. Is there to be a set theme like a holiday or season? Set a time frame – Will you gather together in person to exchange aprons? set the date and time. Will they be mailed? set a range of dates the recipient should receive their apron. Sharing special prayer requests allows the giver a chance to connect with the recipient in a special way, so ask for a bit of personal information from everyone, too.
  3. Draw names. List all names, then randomly assign a name to each person (draw them from a hat or use or some other creative way to match them). Remember to keep a master list!
  4. Notify everyone. Give them the name of the person they are to give an apron to (a secret exchange makes it more fun and exciting!) and give them a copy of the rules.
  5. Plan the Big Reveal. If you are getting together in person, make it a party! Plan a game, serve refreshments, build the suspense, take turns revealing and giving. If aprons are mailed consider how everyone can share photos of their aprons, maybe even capturing the moment they open their package and definitely pictures modeling them.
  6. Wear your apron and enjoy! When you tie on your apron to prepare a meal or go about your household tasks, you will feel specially blessed remembering the love and care taken by the one who gave it to you.

I have participated in apron swaps with a group of friends from an online Moms group. One lady randomly matched up (drew) names, then notified each participant with the name of the lady for whom she was to make an apron. She set a timeline, giving us a range of dates we were to send and receive our aprons. We then had a place online where we could each share a photo of our aprons and ourselves wearing the apron. So much fun! It was so exciting to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and the aprons that were lovingly crafted by everyone.

Want to set up an apron swap without the homemade requirement? Go right ahead! May I suggest one of these?

I love these fun and feminine aprons. You might like this one, it come in all the colors of the rainbow! (these are my affiliate links, which help support this blog but add no extra fees to you)

This is the third post in my Aprons – a 31 Day Series. You’ll find them all listed by clicking on the image below.

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  1. So…any plans to host an apron swap? I’m in if you do! 🙂 Thanks for linking up. I love this series!

    • hmmm, that IS an idea, Sarah 😉 I’ll have to think on that a bit. thanks for stopping in for a visit! Have a beautiful and blessed week.

  2. Love this idea!

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