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Life happens. We all find ourselves needing to change up our plans or let go of what we had scheduled for the day. The art of being flexible is important when you are a homeschooling family. While I do feel strongly about stressing the HOME in homeschool, responsibilities and commitments sometimes call us away from home. It’s a huge blessing to our family that we have the luxury and freedom to work around these things, but we do have to get creative to work in our studies during these times.

What does a mom do when she has several children (or even one child!) who needs supervision with the schooling and yet is called away from home? We can’t be in two places at once. But with a little creativity and preparation we can take care of school and any other business that needs attention. (note: affiliate links may be used in this post)

In the Waiting Room – Whether it’s the doctor’s office or the mechanic or the dmv, we’ve all found ourselves in the waiting room. With children in tow, the waiting game can become agonizing. With the disruption in your day it can reek havoc with your school lessons. You’ll be able to take it all in stride if you plan ahead just a little, and keep a few things at the ready.

It’s a good idea to keep a tote bag or backpack stocked with age-appropriate materials just for your on-the-go schooling. Brainstorm a list of quiet activities the children can work on the floor or in a chair. Electronic gadgets are an obvious option for many, but we have not had that luxury most of our homeschooling years. Workbook, copy work, word puzzles, sudoku are all things that are easy to tote and fun for the kids, especially if I save them for our special outings.

Consider including a writing utensil, eraser, paper or post it notes. Once I happened upon twist-up crayons I kept them in the bag we took in the car. They were similar to crayons but didn’t melt or need sharpening. I would also change out a few picture books (or easy readers, whatever fits your child’s level.) Add in items that they can pick up and start where they left off or are open-ended so if hey are interrupted it won’t matter too much. The idea is to keep their brain, hands, bodies occupied so they can use that waiting time constructively.

Road Miles – Do you travel back and forth to sporting events or music lessons? A lot of time can be wasted if you don’t have a plan on how to make the most of those miles. We have used CDs (you can use mp3 or smart phone) to memorize the states and capitals, learn about history, hear classic literature. If car sickness is not a concern, they can read quietly or out loud, work a math lesson, write in their journals.

We have added behind the seat storage pockets so each child can keep their materials handy. When I drove a mini-van I made hanging pockets out of canvas to fit our seats. It worked great, letting the kids reach their own supplies. My kids often keep a book, a pencil, a pad of paper in the car, just in case.

Caring for Loved Ones – Is there a grandparent who needs some extra tlc? Maybe a friend needs a sitter. We all have people in our lives who would benefit from a visit or some personal attention. Taking the kids with you as you meet these types of needs gives them opportunity to serve and will give them a chance to think of others more than themselves. This is an important real life lesson they won’t get from text books. But this also could be a time for them to sit quietly and work from their books while mom and/or dad help a neighbor or relative.

Business Trip with Dad – Some of our best memories are trips we took when Dad had to travel to a seminar or out of town project. A little road schooling, hotel schooling, makes it all interesting and exciting. If it’s an extended period of time, I may pack a milk crate with some basic school materials. We would plan a day on, day off type of schedule. We would get out for some sight-seeing one day and stay in and do some schooling the next day. We found everyone’s attitudes were better when we mixed in a few of our normal daily activities with the exciting vacation activities.

Vacation Education – You’ve heard of working vacations? How about schooling vacations? Everywhere you go there is history, geography, geology, biology, more! If you plan your vacations well in advance, contact the chamber of commerce or tourism bureau for the area to get information about what there is to see and do.

Surprise the children with a passport pack – include a journal and mechanical pencil, maps, tape, a disposable camera, anything else to help them document the trip and experience. These learning tools help turn a vacation into an educational experience and will likely help create some fantastic memories, too. Encouraging your students to jot down interesting facts. Give them time to sketch what they see. Ask them to write a note to friends back home.These all help the vacation more interesting and help solidify those educational experiences in their little brains.

So you ever take your schooling away from home? I’d love to hear how you do it!


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