Homeschool Moms, Take Time to Consider

Homeschool Moms Take Time to Consider at blogging through the alphabet

I am blogging through the alphabet, bring encouraging words to homeschooling moms – all moms, for that matter! I might have chosen popular ‘c’ words like courage, creative, consistent, or compromise. Instead another word kept coming to mind. In our homes and our homeschools, there are times for us to take action, but in order to give our best, we need to take time to consider.

Consider the possibilities, consider consequences. Considers benefits and challenges. Too much analysis can be paralyzing, keeping us from doing the things that need doing, but taking time to look closely at our options and how things are going helps us make the best choices for our families.

Consider your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Make choices that work with those rather than what others tell you works or doesn’t work. Does he focus better first thing in the morning? Or when his toddler sibling is napping? Are worksheets her thing, or creative make-believe?

Consider your own teaching style and learning style. If you are thinking about using a traditional textbook style of schooling, but you love hands-on projects, mixing in some unit studies and lapbooking would be much more enjoyable. Or maybe it’s the opposite.

Consider what resources you have available. A neighbor who is a music teacher? An uncle who coaches basketball? Maybe you have a cabinet full of scrapbooking supplies from long-ag0, well-intentioned projects. Maybe you have a friend who’s a further up the path on this homeschooling journey. All these things can help keep curb the cost.

Consider your time. How much time do you have available in each day and how many students do you have to give attention to in that time? If you have one child and few outside commitments, you will have many choices. If you have several school-aged children, a toddler and infant, plus have outside family or church commitments, you’ll want to choose curriculum and activities wisely.

Consider your tone of voice before answering that same question you’ve already answered um-teenth times. Maybe this will be the time it clicks!

Consider trying something new. If they days are getting a bit humdrum and boring, change things up! Do subjects out of order, or work lesson on the picnic table out on the back deck. On National Coffee Day this year, I took my kids to a local coffee shop where we all sat sipping our favorite hot drinks and worked on our language/writing lessons. We had a blast together, and it re-energized our school days.

Consider what’s working, and what isn’t. By the time February rolls around I am usually ready to leave behind the old and move on to the new. (I don’t recommend actually doing that, but a homeschooling mom can dream, can’t she?) I use these times to evaluate how we are doing, where is each child in their studies, whether the curriculum we are using is a good fit. That way, I can make better choices for the next year.

With teens and pre-teens in our household these days, I’m spending a lot of time considering what path they need to be on as they approach adulthood. What types of things are you considering these days?


Homeschool Moms, Take Time to Consider at blogging the alphabet encouraging homeschool moms

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  1. Such a good reminder. It’s so much easier just to react, whether it is to their misbehavior or something that looks cool when someone else writes about it so we think we need to try it, too!

    • Thanks, Dana ๐Ÿ™‚ I can be a bit of a reactionary, myself. And I’m easily influenced by what others say, so stepping back to consider is an important step in so many ways. Of course, being spontaneous can be a good thing, but for me, it should come in smaller doses.

  2. we need to think more and act less quite often. It would save dollars, time and tempers if we did so wouldn’t it? Visiting from ABC blogging.

  3. These are all important things to *consider*. It’s important to be discerning and realistic about all that we think we “should” be doing to find what is best.

    • You are so right. I fall victim to the should’a’s and do so much better taking time to just do what works best for myself and my own.

  4. I was doing so good enjoying reading your post until you said, “consider your tone of voice.” Ouch, that stepped on my toes. LOL Seriously, that was a great reminder as well as all of the other things I need to stop and consider.

    • Let me assure you, TaMara, adding that part about the tone of voice is something I have to work on myself! I’m so quick to react and it is easy to forget how my words and tone of voice affect my children. There is also Grace and Forgiveness ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I loved reading your post! Some of the points I had already considered, but there were others I had not thought about. Thank you!

    • I’m glad you were encouraged, Kirsten ๐Ÿ™‚ Learning from one another’s experiences is what I’m enjoying most about the alphabet challenge!

  6. Of all the “C” words I thought about using this week, “consider” never even came to mind! I loved your thoughts and ideas though. Thank you for an encouraging post for me as I homeschool! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Wren ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad I caught you a little off guard, because then we stop to pay attention, right? I did not want to just repeat what I’ve said before – I’m using this alphabet exercise to stretch myself, and hopefully continue to encourage. Wait! ‘continue’ – that’s another ‘C’ word I had not considered!

  7. I have spent a lot of time considering my high schooler’s future education. I love this post and the reminder that there is more than one thing we need to consider each day!

    • Those high school years are definitely a time to stop and consider on our options, Amanda. So far, not one of our high school graduates worked through high school in the same way, or took exactly the same path, so I’m very grateful for options!

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