Fast & Easy Apron Idea

Fast Easy Apron Idea - Apron Strings & other things

An apron makes a wonderful gift. How do I know? I’ve received a few several a dozen or more. And I’ve given them as gifts, too. Aprons are easy to personalize, they make a big impact, and are easy to wrap and mail. You can’t go wrong! This apron project was fast, easy, and inexpensive. An added bonus is that it is manly enough for any male on your gift list. Our 10-year old’s favorite television show is Master Chef and when he saw the ‘junior’ competition last year he decided a chef was what he was destined to be. So, for Christmas this year, what do you think he’ll be receiving? You got it – his very own Chef’s Apron!

Quick Easy Apron Gift - Apron Strings & other things

Supplies needed for the fast and easy apron:

  • 1 apron (I used one from a 3-pack I found at a craft store but you could use most any apron you have on hand or make yourself)
  • Iron-On Letters
  • a ruler
  • scissors (for cutting out letters)
  • an iron
  • a pressing cloth (I used an old flour sack dish towel)

After gathering up your supplies, decorating your apron is as easy as . . .

  1. Cut out iron on letters that spell out your message (i.e. HEAD CHEF, or maybe DAD’S COOKIN’ TONIGHT!)
  2. Place the letters of your message on the front of the apron. Use a ruler as a guide, centering them from side to side and a few inches down from the top.  In this example I placed the letters in a centered block pattern, but you can create a fun and whimsical look (and not have to worry about keeping everything straight and plumb) by placing them zig-zaggy across.
  3. Iron on the letters, following package directions. The letters I used in this example peeled off the backing first and were then ironed on the apron. Many letter sets are placed down on the fabric with the backing on top. Read carefully and always cover iron-on’s with a pressing cloth to prevent the ‘sticky’ from sticking to your iron.

Peel back the pressing cloth and admire your handy work! I you were to make an apron for someone, who would it be? What message would you put on their apron?

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