Fall Fun For the Family

The air is crisp and clean and cool these days. It invigorates my soul after the heat of summer. We are once again back into a regular schooling routine and the natives are often restless. What can you do to keep them busy and run off that pent up energy?

Playing in the Autumn Leaves - Apron Strings & other things

Rake up the leaves and take a flying leap.

Apron Strings & other things

Take an autumn walk. Notice the changes in season,

Autumn Nature Specimins

Collect as many different colors and shapes of leaves you can, along with other fantastic treasures from nature and take home to create an interesting display or centerpiece for dinner.

Make Leaf-Color Prints. Take those colored leaves and place them on w   —–  cover with —-   pound with a hammer, pull back cloth and reveal a beautiful masterpiece. All For The Boys has a great tutorial to show you how.

Take a driving tour to see the colors of the season.

Taking a Drive in the Fall Apron Strings & other things

Visit a nearby pumpkin patch.

Fall Fun on the Playground - Apron Strings & other things

Head out to the nearest playground. If it’s on the cool side, add an extra layer of clothing.

New England in the Fall - Apron Strings & other things

One of our best vacations ever was touring Eastern Canada and New England during Leaf Peeping Season.

Take a vacation! One of the perks of homeschooling is taking vacations in the off season. Our favorite time of year for family vacations is September and October. The weather is beautiful, the crowds are thin, sometimes the entrance fees are discounted.

Autumn Insp button

This is the 3rd post in my Autumn Inspiration Week Series. I’m joining 30 other fantastic bloggers who are sharing their Autumn Inspirations at Inspired Bloggers Network. A list of all my posts in this series can be found HERE.



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  1. Your fall focused entires are a blessing to me. Keep them comming. Thank you. Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  2. Wow! Your leaves are really starting to change. It doesn’t look that much like fall around here yet. It’s just starting to but not quite. Can’t wait for some fall fun.

    • We are just beginning to see tiny glimpses of change here, Amanda. I had to use pictures from the past for this post. Sorry for the deception 😉 but it sure does get me in the mood for Fall!

  3. Hi, Stopping by from TGIF. I just love the fall season and all the fun things to do. Can’t wait for the leaves to change so we can take that beautiful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway! One of the best in the world.

    • Hello Kim, glad you stopped by! That drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway sound amazing! I do love getting out and viewing the colors God paints on our world this time of year. Enjoy!

  4. Hey–Happy Fall! I featured this post as one of my favorites in the Hearts for Home Blog Hop. Stop by and grab an “I was Featured” button if you’d like. 🙂

  5. Thank you for linking up with the Hearts for Home Blog Hop this week. Your post has been selected to feature on today’s Blog Hop link up over at Monsters Ed Homeschool Academy! Congratulations 🙂 Please remember to grab our “I was Featured” button to share on you post.


  6. I love this time of year and love all of the things that you can only do in the fall. Raking and jumping in the leaves and driving to see the fall colors are all favorites of ours.

    Thank you for coming to the October Country Fair Blog Party!
    Laurie – Country Link

  7. Hey wanted to let you know that I picked you as one of my favorites for the October Country Fair Blog Party! I’m asking my readers to leave comments voting for their favorite post, so feel free to hop on over or send your followers over to vote. Thanks for linking up!


    • this is exciting news! I’m so glad you enjoyed my ideas for enjoying this Fall season with the Family 🙂 I’ll be popping over for a visit soon!


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