Every Apron is a Gathering Apron

My Gathering Apron - Apron Strings & other things


Every day I tie on my apron, not just to protect my clothing from splatters in the kitchen and not just to have a handy place to wipe my hands when called to the phone, but also for gathering. Traditionally, a gathering apron is worn while gathering produce from the garden or eggs from the hen house. But, take my word for it – every apron is a gathering apron. Now, just what do I gather in my apron(s)?

  • truly I collect produce from the garden – cucumbers and melons, tomatoes and peppers, green beans and squash, and the list goes on.
  • eggs from the hen house – oh, yes, I have! although the gathering of eggs has fallen mainly on the shoulders of my children (have to give credit where credit is due)Gathering Apron 2 - Apron Strings & other things
  • not just eggs, but fluffy little chicks, cheeping and peeping
  • solo socks and stray mittens that might be looking for their mates
  • the armful of ingredients that must find their way from the pantry to the counter top so we can prepare dinner
  • warm, freshly scented laundry straight from the dryer ready for folding
  • game pieces, hair bows, legos and greeting cards and masterpieces that have been left to pile on the counter but need to be cleared pronto because company is coming!Gathering Apron 3 - Apron Strings & other things
  • sticky hugs and sloppy kisses from little one
  • brightly colored zinnias cut fresh from our garden border
  • letters, cards and packages, and yes junk mail and bills that arrive so conveniently at the end of our laneGathering Apron 4 - Apron Strings & other things
  • newborn grandbabies as they are squeezed and snuggled by loving little aunts and uncles
  • turtles that have wandered into the yard and are waiting for their new yet temporary cardboard box home
  • pencils and papers and workbooks when we choose to spend our school hours out on a blanket in the sun rather than indoors

This list is only the beginning. What do you gather in your apron, because every apron is a gathering apron. Are you in need of a gathering apron? I really like this easy-to-follow pattern from Little House Living and might be just what you are looking for.

gathering apron from little house living

For more inspiration you can visit my Aprons board on Pinterest. This is the fourth in my Aprons – a 31 Day Series. You’ll find them all listed by clicking on the image below.

Aprons 31 days button-1b Apron Strings & other things

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  1. I gather garden vegies in mine. I want to make an apron with a really full skirt so I can gather a bunch of vegies all at once.

    I have also been known to gather stray items left lying around the house! LOL! Gather them all p in your apron and then go put them away.

    • I have just about worn out my big full apron, Amanda – sounds like we both need a new one!
      putting away after I’ve gathered – that’s where I have some work to do ๐Ÿ˜‰ too often the pile I”ve gathered ends up tucked away somewhere because I’m in a hurry.

  2. When I saw the tshirt apron I had to laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ Thats how my kids harvest from our garden! Honestly I’ve never had an apron so I was intrigued to learn more about you…

    • LOL, Bonnie, tshirts come in very handy when bring in the harvest – it happens here all the time! That’s one reason why I wear an apron – I’m always gathering something! so glad you stopped by – I hope you get to visit some of my other posts this month. You never know, you just might become an apron-wearer yourself!

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