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Drive Thru History Adventures curriculum takes you where history happened a review at

My family was very excited to have received access to the terrific Homeschool Video Curriculum from Drive Thru History Adventures this year and what is even better is we also gained access to all three courses to go with these videos! American History, Bible History and Ancient History are all included in Drive Thru History Adventures.

Drive Thru History AdventuresLast year we discovered these history video episodes are more than a lesson in history. They are history and geography, art, archaeology and more, all rolled up into an entertaining, informative and educational

experience. My kids are re-watching these just for fun!

What you’ll find:

  • A Dashboard that provides easy access to all courses and bonuses.
  • High quality adventure videos that take you to an era in history (my children and I have been going back in time to Ancient Civilizations – Ancient Greece and Rome and the like.)
  • Curriculum that guides you through the time period (Bible History, Ancient History, American History)
  • Resources such as worksheets, historical papers and writings, answer keys. Also included are Side Roads for those interesting rabbit trails and Behind the Scenes (my kids love these!)
  • Access to an online community of fellow adventurers where you can interact with Dave Stotts and his Drive Thru crew, share what you’ve learned and ask questions of others studying the same lessons. Or just for fun!
  • Adventures TV is now available as well. This subscription based app allows you to view the adventures on any device.  We generally watch on our desktop monitor, sometimes my laptop, but now we can access via phone or tablet and even sync with our television. I love options. Now you take your adventures wherever you go!

With our annual subscription, we have access to their Bible History, Ancient History, and Bible History curriculum. We chose to work through the Ancient History course. My high school students are finishing up a study on Homer’s Odyssey and so the Ancient History curriculum was just the right fit. {An added bonus – the outside material and readings included an excerpt from Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, using the exact same translation/edition as we are using for literature study. Excellent!}

How we use this curriculum:

12 lessons are included in the Ancient History curriculum. Each week the children and I watch the video, approximately 45 minutes long. We discuss the study questions that are included in the resource section and they fill out the worksheet. My students work independently throughout the rest of the week reading through any additional recommended resources. We find time each week, often while we are eating lunch together, to watch some of the side road trips or behind the scenes videos.

We are using this as a supplement to our other studies, but I could easily include more readings and resources to equal at least a half credit, possibly a full credit for a high school student’s transcript.

Lessons included are:

  1. The Rise of Western Civilization
  2. The Age of Conflict
  3. A Time of Challenges
  4. Roots of Democracy
  5. Challenges of a New Religion
  6. The Spread of Christianity
  7. East Meets West
  8. Ruins and Romans
  9. The Advancement of Knowledge
  10. Heart of Stone
  11. Constantine and Constantinople
  12. The Best of the Ancient World

In these episodes, Dave Stotts takes us to the actual ruins and connects these real life places with the cultures and religions, society and art, even politics and religion. And it’s fun! Ancient history and world civilizations was a dried up topic for me when I was in school. My children are having a whole different experience. I enjoy being able to learn as a group, all ages together. Next we will be working on Episode 6 – The Spread of Christianity. It has been eye-opening for my children (and myself) and how much of our history is inter-woven and influenced by the events that formed our faith and religion.

Drive Thru History Ancient History Curriculum Olympics Greece at

Timing for this course has been perfect for us! Not only have we been able to tie in literature studies with these history lessons, we also have been able to dig into the history of  the Olympic Games while watching the modern games on television. The kids really enjoyed learning about how the Ancient Greek games came about and comparing the similarities and differences between them and the modern games.

The whole crew at Drive Thru History Adventures has won the hearts of my children. Not only do they create some amazing educational video productions we can use and enjoy, not only do they provide a place where we ‘adventurers’ can hang out and interact, they surprised us with cool things like patches and decals and even an autographed picture of Dave Stotts with Steve McQueen! (yes, he names his vehicles. He’s cool like that.)

Drive Thru History fan club at

There are three different levels of subscription levels: Annual, Month-to-Month, and 7-Day Trial. Right now, anyone signing up with the Drive Thru History Adventures Yearly Subscription will receive a dvd set of THE GOSPELS. Our family is now watching through these in our family devotion times for the third time! If you receive The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, check out the Winter issue. You’ll find an ad with a 20% off discount code offered for Drive Thru History Adventures.

Drive Thru History Adventures


Visit my fellow Review Crew Mates and see how their families are enjoying their history lessons using Drive Thru History Adventures. Just click on the image below!

Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}

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Drive Thru History Adventures a video curriculum that takes you where history happened review at

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