Decluttering – A Family Tradition?

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Declutter – Clean Up – Purge – Get Back on Track – It’s what I do these days following Christmas. We’ve been talking about Family Traditions all month long and decluttering is traditionally what I do this time of year. I think I am not alone. How about you? Are you cleaning up and getting organized and putting your regular routine back in place? It must be one of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions.

It hits me full in the face once our Christmas celebrations wind down and all is relaxed and quiet again. I can see it all. The Stuff. Right there. In plain sight. Spilling over. Waiting for a home – or the junk heap. And so I’m joining Dana (aka Nony) at A Slob Comes Clean for her Decluttering Party through the end of January.

How to Manage Your Home Book Cover at

Her book (which you can find using my amazon affiliate link) How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind has been so helpful! It’s motivational, full of common sense and just plain fun.

She defines clutter: “It’s not about deciding what I do or don’t need. It’s not even about knowing what I should or shouldn’t keep.    It’s about understanding what I can handle.”

In her book, Dana gets to the why and the how of things: “As long as there was too much stuff, the stuff was in control. . .I just started getting rid of stuff.”

Dana’s newest book (use my amazon affil link if you wish) Decluttering at the Speed of Life is available for pre-order. She sent me a sneak peak and I KNOW you’ll want to pre-order. You’ll not only be the first to receive the book when it’s ready but you’ll also be able to get her awesome 5 Day Clutter Shakedown video course. In this newest book she walks you through decluttering every room. It’s filled with strategies and tips on getting to the bottom of things (pun totally intentional!), setting boundaries, working your system and maintaining it.

Throughout January, I’ll share my progress with you, as I work my way through the house, room-by-room, deluttering – cleaning up – purging – getting back on track. I mentioned Dana’s Decluttering Party in the beginning of this post. Click on the image below if you want to join in! declutter partySharing this post at some of these wonderful places.

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  1. De-cluttering time is coming to my house soon a well. The organizing “bug” has hit me. I have to de-clutter and purge often because our house is so small. I have decided to pick one area at a time and tackle it. Like my living room closet one day and the Tupperware cabinet another. It will probably take me months to get it all done with working so much, but the process has once again begin. I need some new organizing ideas, so I can’t wait to see your posts on this topic!

    • It definitely takes time. Choosing a specific area is a great way to keep going. It helps me finish what I start if I don’t bite off too much at once. I’m tackling the master bedroom first, breaking it down into manageable sections – hoping to have it finished before the end of next week. Let’s keep each other motivated!

  2. De-cluttering and purging is my mantra for 2014. We downsized by moving to a smaller home from Michigan to Wisconsin, dragging all our junk along with us for the move. Ugh. Must get rid of stuff! It is on my winter must-do list.

    • downsizing and moving? how exciting! We are not looking at a move in the immediate future, but I am feeling the need to let go of so much I’ve been collecting and saving. Realizing my children really don’t want it is making it easier to let go. We live in a large-ish house, which would be so much easier to maintain if I didn’t have so much stuff! I pray your transition goes smoothly, enjoy your decluttering and purging! Be sure to check out the declutter party link up above for some motivation 🙂

  3. Hello. Do you remember when you shared about an organized drawr in your home and I shared that I had one that really needed my attention but just hadn’t gotten the upmf to do anything about it yet. I finally did, the other day just before getting the floor redone in my kitchen with new roll out lanolium. I love the organization in this “junk” drawr in our kitchen! *smile* Just thought I would pop in to share that with you. *smile* Have a great day and enjoy your time decluttering. We have a “give away” bin that we keep in a closet and when it gets full we take it out. Our son really gets into sharing is surplus of blessings while sister really likes haveing a pluthera of things for her baby dolls and the like. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • Good for you! So glad you stopped in to share the update. You are going to enjoy that newly organized junk drawer, and your new flooring sounds wonderful! What a great idea, having a give away bin in you children’s closet. Terrific training for hearts and habits. Have a wonderful week, welcoming in a new year.

  4. Decluttering is my favorite thing to do. I love throwing things away. LOL Especially on trash night. I bag it all up, throw it away, and go to sleep. No looking back. Happy New Year! (found you through Home Sing Monday)

    • Good for you, Michal! Unfortunately, decluttering overwhelms me. But I keep forging ahead! Having too much stuff to weed my way through is actually paralyzing, and I’m finally ready to let a lot of things go. So glad you stopped in tonight – Happy New Year to you too!

  5. I really love living with as little clutter as possible, my problem is Grampy! He doesn’t like to throw out anything but worse than that he is terrible about putting things back! We will get a drawer or something all nice and neatly organized — until he needs something like the pliers and those pliers get “put down” and not “put away!” Just stopping by from the GRAND Social. Hope you have a wonderful clutter free 2014!

    • I’m all about reducing clutter in 2014! Sounds like I could learn a thing or two from you, Grandma Kc. It does make it more difficult with others around who don’t seem to get things back where they belong, doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!

  6. Yes! I am right there with you! This year I’m picking a room or area each month to declutter/simplify! If I can only get my family to understand how much easier life would be without so much STUFF to take care of! Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday.

    • a room a month – great idea Stephanie! I will be cheering you on 🙂 I am doing something very similar – some rooms will take less than a month, I think. but some just might take more! My husband and I have been talking about how our quality of life will most likely be much better if we have LESS stuff to take care of. praying your family sees the light!

  7. I usually do not declutter until the Summer time, But this time I found myself decluttering during the summer,fall,and winter lol

    • Decluttering is a year-round activity in our home. But summer is a great time to purge, getting ready for a new school year. If you keep it up, you’ll soon be in maintenance mode, just coasting along, right Renee?

  8. My husband was home extra with the holiday falling on a Monday this year so we worked together to clean house and while I cleaned I organized and purged (a lot). He looked at me all puzzled and said “it’s not spring; why are you spring cleaning?” I told him I never spring clean in the spring but always right after Christmas when I’m making room for all the new and we’re mostly trapped inside anyway. Why waste nice spring days on cleaning?

    • Sounds like a beautiful plan! Great way to begin the new year, and be ready to enjoy those spring days when they arrive. Good for you!

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