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Dear Homeschooling Mom,

I know the thoughts you are thinking. I’ve asked myself the same questions you are asking. I understand the doubts that plague your heart. “Will I be able to teach them? Will they really learn anything? Am I enough?” I’ve been where you are – starting out with trepidation yet jumping in with great gusto. And then what?

My answer is, “Yes, you will! Yes, you are!” Are you ready for a roller coaster ride? That’s what it will be. Ups and downs, curves and turns when you least expect them. Anticipation of an uphill battle, and then WHOOSH! you find it’s all behind you!

They will learn to read and it will thrill your soul. They will memorize their math facts and then have to relearn them again tomorrow. There are no guarantees your little ones will follow the ‘norm’ and no promises they’ll quickly advance ahead of others their same age. Is this the main goal, anyway? These unique little souls God has put into our care for a time – celebrate their uniqueness. You have  an amazing opportunity to custom make their education. It doesn’t have to (it won’t) look like anyone else.

Trust yourself, listen to your gut instincts. Turn a deaf ear to the popular rumblings about how to or what for this and that. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone is raising your children. That job is yours and no one is more qualified than you to make the choices best for them.

Lean on others who are able to share your load. Ask for help. Seek out others who are supportive of your family’s choice of education. The nay-sayers make their opinions known, loud and clear so counteract that negativity with some positive influence. Find support – from your spouse, a family member, in person, online, at church, in your neighborhood, wherever you can find others who will give you that pat on the back. Some days you’ll need it.

Sometimes you’ll feel alone. I know. There have been seasons of loneliness for me. The devil likes to use those feelings to distract us from what we know to be good and true. He’s a master deceiver and he wants you to believe you are alone. Don’t believe him. Don’t believe that message. Yes, you may feel lonely at times. If you do not have someone to share your feelings with, search for homeschool groups in your area, visit me here or on facebook. It is so easy to connect with others these days, if you’ll make a little effort and reach out.

Build relationship with your children. Tie those apron strings. Listen to their ideas – you’ll be amazed! Give them opportunity to discover, explore, and make mistakes. What better place to make mistakes than under your watchful eye, where they can learn and grow and stronger on the other side.

Rely on the Lord. I mention this at the last because it’s the most important. Seek Him, He wants to be found. HE knows. HE cares. HE created each of your children and chose you to be the one who raises them. His strength and not your own will see you through. You can’t do this whole homeschooling thing without help.

There’s joy in the journey – look for it! Celebrate it! Keep the victories at the forefront, it will motivate your children and their mother!

What are your joys as a homeschooling mom? Your fears? Let’s share the load, celebrate the victories, encourage one another along the journey.

Blessings to you,



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This post is the last post in my Back to {HOME} School 5-Day Series. I hope you’ve been encouraged by them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing.

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All week long I’ll be joining my fellow Homeschool Review Crew Mates as we all get ready for a new school year. Be sure to read the rest of our Dear Homeschool Mom letters and visit the terrific posts in our linky party below!

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  1. What wonderful words of wisdom, Linda!! Amen to everything you said!!

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl. Your sweet words mean so much to me. My words are not eloquent, but they are heart-felt and hopefully encouraging. Really, what I want to say is, if I can do it, you can to! and it does not have to be perfection 😉 Blessings to you my friend as you venture into this new school year.

  2. Amen!

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