Creation Illustrated Nature Based Unit Studies {A Review}

Creation Illustrated Nature Based Unit Studies A Review at

I first saw Creation Illustrated magazine 25 years ago, the year they printed their first issue. I was impressed, and now they are adding a new product line of nature-based unit studies as well as digital copies of their magazine!

Winter 2018, Vol. 24, No. 4

When given the chance to review the new digital form of the magazine and to use their new Nature Unit Studies, how could I say no? I’m a huge fan of the magazine, and a long-time unit study mom, so I’m excited to share my experience with you. As we shoveled ourselves out of winter, we sat down with the Intricacies of Snow unit study.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow

We first accessed the Digital Issue for the Winter ’18 Creation Illustrated magazine. Wow! We found articles about snow, Alaska, sled dogs and more. We read about spiritual lessons we could learn from scripture when searching for references on snow. The article “The Intricacy of Snow” is used to spearhead the unit study of the same name.

Screen Shot Intricacy of Snow Creation Illustrated at

With all the snow we received in our region this year, it was easy to relate to everything we read and learned. To get ready for our study, I printed out pages from my PDF file (provided by publisher) and made note of which pages we would on-screen. You can either print and fill out with pen/pencil or use the editing tools on your computer/device that come with the PDF reader.

I prefer printing and filling out the old-fashioned way. It gives us opportunity for discussion as we sit around the table or the living room, with our pages in hand. Two of my children prefer the new-fangled way of filling out their pages and prefer to type their answers in and save the file to the computer. Love that we have options!

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow

Along with the worksheet type pages, you also receive a list of resources which include embedded links to video and text resources. That makes it easy on mom! Everything I need was right at my fingertips, or in my cabinets.  To complete some of the projects I did need to take stock of what we had on hand, like a Bible reference, pipe cleaners and Borax for making crystals, magnifying glass for viewing snowflakes, etc. Whew! We had it all so we were good to go. No strange items to purchase.

Creation Illustrated Nature Unit Studies in folders at

We kept our printed pages in a 3-prong folder and used a notebooking type of approach. For each lesson we read a little, researched a little, discussed a little, and filled out a page that included a writing assignment or experiment or maybe a puzzle. In the end, the student has a notebook full of their findings and knowledge, which makes an easy reference for future.

Creation Illustrated Nature Unit Studies puzzle page at

The lessons and articles have a Biblical creation-based worldview but do an excellent job of presenting educational and factual information for assignments in areas like vocabulary, spelling, geography, science and classification, etc. They also included suggestions for activities in writing, art and even puzzles.

Do you know how many shapes and forms a snowflake comes in? Do you know where in the Bible snow is mentioned? Do you know which region in the world receives the greatest seasonal snowfall? These are just a few things we’ve learned in the course of this study.

Creation Illustrated Nature Unit Studies Snow at

As with our abundance of snow, we also have many Pine trees in our area. We have skimmed through the unit study provided and are jumping into this now that the snow piles are diminishing! Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees

The Pine Trees unit study includes similar activities and variety of lessons. I coordinates with the Fall ’17 copy of Creation Illustrated. I enjoy doing things seasonally and the structure they offer suits our family nicely. Although, we won’t be waiting for fall to come around again before we finish this one.

We have a week coming up when we’ll be off to camp in Maine, where we’ll have plenty of free time to get acquainted up close and personal. We’ll be taking our drawing supplies so we can use the suggestions for art, and we’ll be getting a good look at a wide variety of pine cones so we will be able to take advantage of the lessons that show us how to tell which cone belongs to which tree. And then there’s math – can you say “Finbbonacci?” Can’t wait!

Creation Illustrated magazine is published for all ages but their Unit Studies target children in grades 5-8. It could easily be a self-guided study for older children or a guide for family study. If you start your day with morning time or circle time, I think the unit studies offered by Creation Illustrated would be an excellent resource for you.  Over the years I have found many unit studies on nature topics that are geared for younger children and I am so pleased to see materials written with older ages in mind but still be easily adapted to younger students or a group.

CI Spr18 CoverFrntSMThe photography in this magazine is amazing – the photos take your breath away. We find ourselves pausing a moment or two just to consider the awesomeness of the Creator God who did this all for us! The wide variety of articles are well-written and chock-full of excellent information. Not only is it educational, it’s inspirational and entertaining. Definitely the type of magazine I want available to my family. The digital Spring ’18 issue is now available!


Some things you should know:

  • Subscriptions to the Ad-free quarterly PRINT editions of Creation Illustrated are for 1 year and available for 25% OFF.
  • Subscriptions to the quarterly DIGITAL editions of Creation Illustrated are coming soon.
  • Creation Unit Studies are available to download at 30% OFF.
  • Creation Unit Studies can be used by multiple students in one family.
  • Each edition is divided into 3 sections – Creation Illustrated In Nature; In Scripture; and In Living. This provides a balance of Mental, Spiritual, and Physical enrichment in each issue.
  • Every issue includes an Instructional Guide so you can glean vital homeschool lessons from the various articles.
  • There are coloring, photo, and poetry contests for homeshoolers available!
  • You’ll also find Genesis Cuisine recipes for the cook in your family.
  • There are print subscriptions, back issues, products, and FREEbies (including another Sample Digital Back Issue, a Sample Unit Study on Fragrance, a character-building lesson, and more) available at Creation Illustrated.
  • 4covers Creation Illustrated

Right now, Creation Illustrated is offering a great deal on gift subscriptions as well — Just between you and me, I am ordering a subscription for all 4 of our adult children and their families to receive the magazine in print, and we’ll receive a 5th subscription for us as well! I know my grandchildren will love this gift and it is one that will be used over and over.


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