2017 – My Top 10 Lists

In order for us to look ahead it helps to take a look back. 2017 was a year in review for me, literally! Here at Apron Strings I had a blast on my first go-round with the Homeschool Review Crew. Our family had the opportunity to review some amazing products, awesome resources and fun activities. I … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 12.21.17

Today I walked to our nearby town center with my daughter and neighbor. Sunshine, patches of white snow, red berry bushes, frisky squirrels - these are just a few amazing things we noticed. Green wreaths trimmed with red bows, twinkling lights peeking from picture windows - reminders to me that the … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 12.7.17

I took the kids on our annual Christmas Shopping Excursion the other day. I won't be giving away any surprises, but these shopping trips are getting waaaay easier now that they are all getting so grown up! The four children still at home do a lot of their own shopping and gift-making now, but we … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 11.16.17

This week as I think about what has encouraged my heart and my home, I am overwhelmingly grateful for he amazing people God has allowed my husband and me to raise. Our children are quickly growing up, it won't be many years before we will be an empty nest. I am in awe, watching our grown children as … [Read more...]

Use Your Own Voice to Stimulate Your Brain with Forbrain {A Review}

Improved speech, memory, attention span are all things we homeschooling moms hope for as we educate our children. I was excited and curious when I received the opportunity to review Forbrain from Sound for Life LTD. I had never seen a product like this but the whole concept caught my … [Read more...]