When You Have to Move AND Homeschool

Moving AND Homeschooling. Is it possible? Sure it is! It didn't take long for our family to realize that homeschooling was not just an educational choice but a journey and a lifestyle. In our first eight years of homeschooling we moved seven times. Most of those moves were from one state to another, … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 2.22.18

Hey everyone! I've been busy soaking up the little taste of Spring the Lord sent my way this week so I'm sending out this week's Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop party real quick. Our most viewed post last week was 10 Ways to Have a Productive Homeschool Day from Melissa at Blessed … [Read more...]

Create an Acrostic Poem for Your Valentine

Here lately I've been perusing Pinterest looking for diy valentine ideas. There so many cute and clever projects floating around out there!  I have always enjoyed making little love bugs or fluffy tutus, but they've outgrown such things. Now that they are into their teens I needed an idea that would … [Read more...]

Homeschool Moms, Have A Little Fun!

As homeschool moms, we can easily get bogged down in the must-do's and ought-to-do's and wanna-do's of educating our children. Because we desire the best for them and want them to be the best they can be, we may put undue pressure on them (and ourselves) to reach high academic standards while … [Read more...]

Middle School – The Years for Transition

As moms, we know our children grow and develop at all different rates. Just like when they were tiny babes, it's easy to compare our 'tweens' and 'teens' to others when it comes to maturity and skills. When they are  in that limbo between childhood and adulthood we often nit-pick their quirky … [Read more...]