This Week’s Menu 2.22.16

While I do plan my main meals a month at a time, I take time on Sunday evenings to fine-tune my weekly menu. There are always changes and tweaks to make, depending on how the previous week(s) have rolled. February was full of Valentine dinners and on-the-go meals and flexible switcharoo-type meals, … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 2.1.16

It's going to be a busy week for us, more coming-and-going, out-and-about than usual - so having a plan for our meals, and posting it on the frig is extremely helpful. If Mom isn't around to get supper started, it's easy for others to step in and get things going. Having a plan and keeping it simple … [Read more...]

Snickerdoodles – a Fun and Easy Recipe

Snickerdoodles: fun to say, easy to bake and yummy to eat! It's near the top on the list of favorites in our house, both the baking and the eating of them. Through the years, I've found working along side my kids in the kitchen is a great way for them to learn culinary skills, but also a way of … [Read more...]

Working Toward Normal Routine – This Week’s Menu 12.28.15

Haaahhhhhhhh. Breathe in. Breathe out. Deep Sigh. It's been a whirlwind December for us. Our Christmas holiday started in close on the heels of our big Thanksgiving Gathering. We've had memory-making visits with all our children and grandchildren. Such a blessing! But, now, I'm looking forward to … [Read more...]

Meal Plan for Week of 11.16.15

This time of year I focus on cleaning out the pantry, frig and freezers as I plan my menus. The pantry and frig get extra attention because we are getting things ready for our annual Thanksgiving Gathering here. The freezers because my men are out doing their part in providing meat to fill … [Read more...]