Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 8.24.17

Each and every day we have a choice to be someone who builds others up or tears others down. My prayer each week is for you to find something here at our Encouraging Hearts & Home party that will build you up, equipping you for great things as you tend to your homes and nurture your family. … [Read more...]

Organizing School Supplies when You Homeschool in a Small Space

  Homeschooling in small quarters can be challenging. It seems school supplies breed in the night and then disappear during the day. How can we keep things corralled and organized without tripping over all the tools and things we need for our daily lessons? Our family has had the … [Read more...]

School Days Lunch Ideas and Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop

  This week's theme for our weekly Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop is School Day Lunch Ideas. While I don't have to pack lunches for my kids everyday, they do still expect to be fed! It can be a challenge to come up with great ideas for lunches day in and day out. Ideas for … [Read more...]

Summer Household Tips and Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop

  Our summer days are often filled with pool dates, play dates, vacation plans and . . . getting our house under control! I don't know about you, but for me, the last days of summer are filled with plans to get organized and decluttered as we head into a new school year. Here are a … [Read more...]

Summer Family Activities and Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop

This week I find myself at church camp with my family. While I'm teaching kids to knit, crochet and embroider so they can earn a merit badge, my own children are busy being campers themselves and my husband is doing handyman jobs wherever he's needed. Fun family times! Here are a few more ideas for … [Read more...]