Where Can I Buy Homeschool Curriculum?


Where do we go to buy curriculum? How much money will we have to spend? These are questions I hear every year as I visit with new homeschool moms.

Shopping for Homeschool Curriculum on a Tight Budget Back to Home School 5 Day Series at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

When we began our homeschooling journey more than a quarter century ago, we had only a few options to choose from when it came to purchasing curriculum. We could purchase directly from publishers, happen upon a few things at a bookstore, or create our own.

Schooling several children on a limited budget made it challenging, but not impossible, to find good quality curriculum for our homeschool. As the years passed, we found plenty of options to fit our budget and our children’s needs. Before shopping, though, I recommend taking a few planning and preparation steps.

Whether this is your first year homeschooling or your tenth, make a list. What subjects need to be covered? Begin with the basics for each child. Once you have the 3 R’s covered add something extra. If there is time in your schedule and room in your budget add one more subject.

Don’t be distracted by what everyone else is doing or what the vendors at convention say in order to sell you on something. You know your children better than anyone else, there are plenty of very good options to fit every budget no matter how large or how small. A high price tag does not always bring the best results.

Each family must choose what sort of curriculum will work best in their family – traditional, unit study, classical, consumable, relaxed, etc. Below I’ve listed some places you might be able to find the curriculum once you have an idea of what sort of materials you may need. Our family has used all these to some extent for at least a season.

I’ve listed these for you, not as a complete, exhaustive list but with the hopes you’ll be inspired to seek and search for options that are just right for your family. The links marked with an (*) are my affiliate links.

Online Clearing Houses:

Rainbow Resource Center is my #1 favorite place to purchase curriculum for our homeschool. Their website is packed full of everything you’d ever need. Most often, if I am looking to buy new, they will have the best prices available. And they have the largest selection. I still look forward to their catalog in the mail every spring/summer!

Amazon (*) – yes, indeed. More and more I’m finding things we need here in this clearing house. Books, supplies, equipment – it’s all available and with Prime we get free shipping on so many items. You have to watch to see if your order is coming via a third party and if there are shipping charges, but I do love the convenience and speedy service. I even found my beloved Konos Character Curriculum.

ChristianBook.com (*) – If you are looking for books and resources that are written from a Christian worldview in particular, this is a great option.

Websites Offering Free Lessons and/or Downloadable Materials:

Homeschool Share – I love, love, love the lapbook resources, templates, unit studies, offered by this website. They make it easy to download and print hands-on activities to reinforce your lessons.

Spelling City – while there is a premium version to this vocabulary building and spelling website, the free version is very good. You can use the pre-made lists or build your own.

Starfall – this and other similar websites are fun and (often) free. It provides one tool for introducing or strengthening reading skills.

Khan Academy – a treasure trove of education. Originally designed to provide short tutorials for higher level math and sciences, they now offer lessons for early math as well as some history, grammar and economics.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool – You can choose to use one subject or all, from pre-school through high school.

School Express – make your own worksheets or use their worksheets and games to reinforce or enhance, introduce a concept or test a concept.

Subscription Sites:

SchoolhouseTeachers.com (*) – Mix and match from over 300 courses (grades Preschool to 12th) to custom make your own course of study to fit the interests and needs of your students.

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op – Here you’ll find a curriculum marketplace with lesson plans and virtual field trips available.

CurrClick Classes and Curriculum – many downloadable courses for every subject area available for a small fee.

Curriculum from a Unique Perspective:

Simply Charlotte Mason – a full cours of study, pick and choose or go with everything. A scope and sequence is provided with the lessons.

Sonlight – another full curriculum using a variety of books, every grade level available. Pick and choose what level works best for your child.

Common Sense Resources:

Your Local Library – There have been years when a new baby arrived or a major move was coming, so instead of spending money on books that might or might not be used, we opted to utilize our local library. The books on the shelves in any and every subject are at our disposal. Take advantage of storytime and other educational activities, too. If you can avoid late fees, it’s no charge!

Borrow and Trade – ask around. Most anyone who has been homeschooling more than a year or two has a few things sitting around just waiting for a new home. Many homeschool moms will gladly sell (or give away) curriculum they don’t need in order to make room for things they do need. Also think about what you have that others might be able to use. Barter bread or babysitting for art lessons or science labs. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Connect with others who might be able to help you out, and vice verse.

Homeschool Co-Op or Support Group – Are their other families in your area willing to pool their talents and energy to enhance your homeschool? Many groups have websites or facebook pages and a simple search may turn up a contact for someone in your area.

So much of our education and learning does not come from traditional textbooks or while sitting at a desk. Think outside the box, consider how your children learn and search for resources that meet their needs and stay within your budget, even if that budget is $0.Β  It can be done!

Where do you find curriculum for your homeschool while sticking to a tiny budget?

Shopping for Homeschool Curriculum on a Tight Budget 5 Day Series Back to Home School at ApronStringsOtherThings.com

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  1. What a great store of links and places to go looking. Thanks for the resource list!

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  5. Great tips and resources. We all need to watch our budget because it’s so easy to be tempted by all the shiny new things!

    • Thank you Kym πŸ™‚ I definitely need boundaries – honestly my kids are so much more practical thank I. I hope your school gets off to a great start!

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