{care} With an Apron Twist

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I have been having a ton of fun putting together the posts for my Aprons – 31 Days series this month. Many have shared that it has been encouraging and since that was my goal, I think we have started the month off on a successful note. Today we’ll find out how the word ‘apron’ and the word ‘care’ compliment each other as I take the Five Minute Friday challenge that Kate hosts every week (actually, every day this month.) She tosses out one word, and the challenge is to write on that one word topic for five minutes, unedited-unscripted-unashamedly raw. And then share it! So, here goes –

{care} with an apron twist

It’s early morning and she can feel the chill as her feet hit the floor. Her morning coffee will be more than welcome and she’s grateful she set the timer on the coffee maker the night before. As she passes through the kitchen she pulls an apron from its peg, her uniform for the day. She pours the hot brew, with just a touch of cream, thank you very much, and settles down with her Bible and time with her Lord.

This is her routine, the start to her day, the motions she goes through before waking the family. Her coffee, to wake up her brain. Her apron, as if to say “I’m ready for business.” Her Bible, for guidance, discernment, strength and encouragement. Her Lord, because He cares for her and for all those she cares for.

A woman, a wife, a mother – ready to face her day because she took time to prepare for whatever may come as she cares for those God has put in her charge. She is willing and able, because HE cares.


This is the tenth post in my Aprons – a 31 Day Series. You’ll find them all listed by clicking on the image below. You’ll find hundreds of series written by some amazing bloggers at Write31Days.com. I’ve pinned, bookmarked and subscribed to several so I can follow along. You just might be inspired, encouraged, and make some new friends along the way – come join us!

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