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Organizing School Supplies when You Homeschool in a Small Space

  Homeschooling in small quarters can be challenging. It seems school supplies breed in the night and then disappear during the day. How can we keep things corralled and organized without tripping over all the tools and things we need for our daily lessons? Our family has had the … [Read more...]

Organizing Our School Room Using Everyday Items

We are halfway through another school year, halfway through the first month of another new calendar year, and I'm halfway through decluttering and organizing our school room. Again. It happens. You get everything in order, get off to a great start, then slowly but surely it all goes to disarray. … [Read more...]

Organizing Solution for My Messy Stereo Unit

Hello, my name is Linda and I'm a clutter-bug, a disorganized and easily distracted Messie. Those of you who know me well are not surprised by this statement. For my new readers, don't be shocked. I want to keep things real here at Apron Strings & other things. It's a life-long struggle and I'll … [Read more...]

Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop 11.16.17

This week as I think about what has encouraged my heart and my home, I am overwhelmingly grateful for he amazing people God has allowed my husband and me to raise. Our children are quickly growing up, it won't be many years before we will be an empty nest. I am in awe, watching our grown children as … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our Back to School Series {2017 Edition}

  We are beginning our 27th year of homeschooling. Twenty-seven years. 27. 2-7. TWENTY SEVEN YEARS! How can that be? I remember so clearly those early days, when our oldest was a bundle of energy and I wondered if he'd ever sit long enough to learn how to read. As I gear up for a new year … [Read more...]