5 Camping Activities for Kids w/ Printables

Camping Activities for Kids w Printables - Apron Strings & other thingsOur family enjoys a camping trip now and then to get away from it all. There are generally two schools of thought among the ranks – 1) Let’s do something! All. The. Time. and 2) Ahhhh, let’s sit back and relax and do NOTHING.  The children are usually of the first mindset and Mom is usually of the second. So how does Mom get her rest and relaxation while the kids get their fun-filled vacation? These 5 camping activities for kids will keep the young ones occupied while mom kicks back and unwinds.

5 Camping Activities for Kids (including printables)

  1.  Send the on a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things to find in and around your campsite. Here is one I created and have been using recently Click on the image below and save to your computer then you can print out a copy for each person!Camping Scavenger Hunt - Apron Strings & Other Things
  2. Play “Collect and Create”. Have them collect treasures like rocks and pinecones and leaves and twigs (be sure they can identify poison ivy first!) and challenge them to build a sculpture or create a centerpiece for the picnic table using what they’ve found.  Maybe have a contest for most unusual, or a prize for the most elaborate.Camping - Rock Sculptures - Apron Strings & other things
  3. Have them draw what they see. Give them pencil, paper, crayons and a pad of paper. – a leaf, the clouds, an ant, the campfire – you get the picture. You can use this printable as a way to get started if you like (just click on the image save it to your computer)Camping Drawing Paper - Apron Strings & other things
  4. Play the Quiet Game. Everyone sit back and close  your eyes. Then ask, “What do you hear?”  The breeze rustles through the leaves, the squirrels chatter and scold, the birds sing so many different songs, the woodpecker taptaptaps – How many different sounds can they name?
  5. Keep a journal. Let them write down the names of everything they hear and see. Ask them to write about their favorite activity on the trip so far. Maybe they can describe a part of their adventure fishing on the river (how brother fell over board while reaching to take his fish off the line!) or how it felt to walk through the cave and have the tour guide turn the lights out. Everyone’s experiences will be different, and every camping trip is unique – have them record it!  Little ones can draw their stories and have someone older write out their words. Click on this image and download the journal page I’ve created for you.


Camping Journal Page - Apron Strings & other things


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you a start! Once you get them occupied they’ll forget they’ve have no internet access and won’t even think of the need to ‘plug in’ to some form of electronic entertainment. God’s provided plenty of entertainment just waiting for us to be discovered and enjoyed.

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  1. A scavenger hunt sounds like a wonderful idea – thank you so much for sharing your printables.

    • it’s always a crowd-pleaser, Clare 🙂 and adaptable to car trips or birthday parties or family reunions or ‘just because’

  2. Perfect timing! We are going camping next week!

  3. Love these ideas! They would be great for a break during a nature walk, too!

  4. We have done tons of scavenger hunts in the past and they are always fun!

  5. I love the scavenger hunt idea. Thanks for the printable!

  6. All of these are great ideas. My kids will really love the scavenger hunt, though!

  7. What fantastic ideas! We camp at least once a month and I am always looking for fun activities to do with the kids. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. These are great ideas! I’m featuring you this week on my Hearts for Home post!

  9. I’m featuring this post as one of my favorites on the Hearts for Home Blog Hop this week! Thanks for linking it up! 🙂


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